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Dog Friendly – Ferguson’s Favourites With Monster Pet Supplies

Ferguson turns one next week, where has the time gone! From the cheeky little puppy he was at 8 weeks old, to the intelligent and demanding teenager he is now, I can’t imagine him not being around or what life was like without him. He has experimented with so much in that time as well, from different food brands to different toys, life is an adventure trying to find the stuff he likes and doesn’t like.

Photography by @[165623973483915:Contakt Photography] | © All Rights Reserved.

He was lucky enough to be invited to the Easter Party organised by Monster Pet Supplies. Yes I know that was ages ago but he wanted to make sure he gave their toys and products a good test before giving a final verdict! The day was lots of fun and he got to meet lots of other dog bloggers whilst pouncing about, like only he knows how. He took part in a treasure hunt where he won a doggy chocolate Easter egg and also enjoyed a Wuffin, whilst I did my best to calm him down as much as possible.

Photography by @[165623973483915:Contakt Photography] | © All Rights Reserved.

He was gifted lots of fun products to try and here are his favourites.

The Furminator has already featured on the blog in a previous post but it was one of the best products he got to sample from Monster Pet Supplies. The metal teeth mean it picks up a lot more hair than a regular brush and the sliding comb edge makes it even easier to clean and pop the hair in the bin. It is heavy and sturdy with a good hand grip making it comfortable for the owner to use and it makes short work of the daily brush. For that reason, it is perfect if your dog is not a fan of grooming. Ferguson always stands with his tail in between his legs whilst being groomed although will stand quite nicely and let you do it. Lots of treats and he is smooth again!

Ferguson is a ball player, without a doubt. Many have commented on his impressive skill of walking backwards which is purely because he will NOT lose eye contact with a tennis ball! We go through so many of them, from throwing them in the stream when he was little and him refusing to go after them, to now getting them stuck in the trees, I must buy half a dozen most months, but it is so worth it for him to get a good run around the park, and to keep his attention. The Monster Ball is expensive at £10.80 for three but, for some reason, he has managed to keep hold of it! It is weightier than a regular tennis ball and is virtually indestructible, meaning no matter how much he chews at it, it won’t pop. The neon yellow colour makes it easy to spot in the grass if he misses a throw and it has a delightfully high bounce making him concentrate that bit more on jumping for the catch.

The Adaptil Dog Calming Spray was invaluable when we travelled to Cornwall. 6 hours in a car with an excitable border collie pup is not something any dog owner should participate in lightly so a long walk was followed by a few sprays of this on one of his new microfiber towels. He slept most of the way with much less pacing than he does for normal car journeys and I will definitely use this around the festive season when fireworks are out in full force, to keep him calm and relaxed.

Monster Pet Supplies really are a one stop shop for anything you could need for your furry friend and they are competitively priced with items divided up well so you can find exactly what you are looking for. If you look closely at the puppy food page you might see a familiar face!

We were invited to the Monster Pet Supplies party as guests

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    Kealey, he is so beautiful 💕
    He’s lucky to have a great mum like you – he looks so healthy and happy x

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