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Dog Friendly – Cosy Cave From Snoozer Pod Review

Whilst Ferguson has not been an overly destructive dog, he has destroyed his fair share of beds. I have lost count of the amount of times I have come downstairs in a morning to a kitchen covered in fluff and him sat in the middle of it looking sorry for himself. He generally sleeps in his crate at night so I have now resorted to using Vet Bed instead with lots of blankets for extra warmth and padding. The guys at Snoozer UK offered an alternative which he has been enjoying recently, let me introduce you to the Cosy Cave.

The idea of Cosy Cave is to provide exactly that for your dog. It has a large and thick cushioned base with a cave style opening lined with warm fleecy material so your dog can get in and curl up, getting comfortable but also feeling safe. They are ideal for dogs with anxiety issues as it is almost like a giant hug each time they get in. They are a safe haven for when they feel scared or also when they have simply had enough and want to escape for a little while. Snoozer offer a variety of sizes, colours and styles so there will be the perfect one for your dog and household colour scheme. There is also an orthopaedic version with a foam topped pillow insert if your dog needs that extra support.

Ferguson doesn’t really get the cave idea. Trying to get him to go ‘inside’ was like trying to get him teach him not to chase cars, it just wasn’t happening! That said, the opening is soft and collapsible and Ferguson always chooses to lie on this after a long walk and when he naps during the day. When he has had a regular bed away from his crate in the past, he has always chosen to sleep on the floor but not now! He lies the full length of his Cosy Cave with his favourite toy for company, I only wish they did one big enough for humans.

Prices start from £74.99 and you can also buy replacement cave tubes (the rigid tube that keeps the opening firm) and linings making them a bed for life. Well worth the money to avoid a kitchen full of fluff each morning.

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