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What To Pack For a Last Minute Walking Weekend Away

Being a new dog owner (you can meet him in my last post) means I am spending much more time in the outdoors than usual. This time of year is particularly difficult for us all with the wet weather causing his fur to get extra muddy and the cold weather making my skin become chapped and sore. I can be quite impulsive at times and a last minute night away with the pooch is a regular occurrence, in fact I have started keeping a bag in the boot of my car for these last minute rambles so I thought I would share my top tips on what to keep handy for a last minute trip hiking.


Woden Ydun Met Trainers – £80

I reviewed the Woden trainers in detail but I now keep them in my car when I am not wearing them! They’re not ideal for hiking as such as they don’t have the grip you can get from a proper pair of walking shoes but they make it easy to go from the hills to the pub in style.

Kitbrix Kit Bag – £48

I love Kitbrix. They are hard bodied kit bags yet with some durability making them perfect for the boot of your car. The sit up right making it extra easy to find what you are looking for without messing up everything inside. You can zip together more than one for bigger kits and also buy back pack style straps so you can pop it on your back for your walk. It is big enough to pack everything you need for a busy weekend away and the tarpaulin material is wipe clean so perfect for those muddy walks.

Large Towel

I don’t go anywhere without a big towel in my car these days. Even dry days can still see Ferguson jumping in the muddiest puddles he can find and his fur seems to attract mud from nowhere. I have a huge supply of fluffy towels and get most of them from Asda as I love their colour range and they are so affordable. It means if they get ripped or pulled I am not too worried too.

Protein and Protein Shaker

After a long walk it is important to refuel and I love how easy protein powders are for this. You just need some water to mix it with and you have a quick drink that’ll do just that. I won’t preach about protein, I have written about the benefits of protein before, but I do love the USN GF1 in strawberry. It is one of the tastiest I have tried and it mixes really well without needing to be blended making it perfect for the outdoors and being on the go.


Herbalife Protein Bars – £11.90 for 14

Before I start I feel I need to explain this one. I have had an issue with Herbalife as a brand for some time. Anything that claims to replace proper food for me is a no no. These things aren’t sustainable and can have a detrimental effect on fat loss and the body in general. Pressure selling via social media is also a bugbear of mine and I am not a fan of these ‘sellers’ claiming they have ‘the best business opportunity’ to solve all your financial problems. These products have been sent to me for review purposes so, putting aside the politics behind the company as a whole, I felt these products were worth a mention as they are really good for outdoor activity prep.

These protein bars though I had to include as I really like them. They are slightly chewy with a creamy centre and they feel like a real treat. They contain 10 grams of protein and 15 grams of carbs which isn’t the best ratio in terms of fat loss for me but after a strenuous trek up a hill somewhere they hit the spot instead of a standard chocolate bar.


Herbalife Skincare Products 


As with the protein bars I was dubious of the Herbalife Skincare line but these three products are actually really good and perfect for before and after that long hike. The Polishing Citrus Cleanser (£19.25) smells so fruity it is the perfect morning pick me up. The jojoba beads buff the skin gently to remove the days grime and to help buff away any of those dry patches that have been caused by a day with the elements.


The Energising Herbal Toner (£14.60) comes in a spray bottle making it ideal for halfway up your mountain for a much needed hydration boost or after the day’s events to prepare your skin for your serum and moisturiser. The citrusy mandarin scent works well with the cleanser and I’ve found my skin feels so much smoother and hydrated when using it.


The Protective Moisturiser (£32.65) is my favourite for outdoor activities. It has an SPF of 30 making it ideal prep before a long day walking in the sun. It goes on like a sunscreen should leaving a little residue behind but my skin felt soft and smooth, it was a great primer! It isn’t ideal for an evening moisturiser so I keep this for before long walks to make sure my skin is protected.

There you have it, my emergency walking kit that lives in the boot of my car. Would you have any additions?

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