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The 21 Day Fitness Challenge With Nile Wilson and Herbalife

With my next trip now booked (I’m going back to Thailand for Christmas so be prepared for Thai spam over the next few months) I have rejoined the gym. For some reason I need an event or trip to be booked before I can find the motivation to get fit but I am firmly back in the saddle. With a few gym classes and a swim (I know, I was surprised too) under my belt, Herbalife Nutrition contacted me at just the right time to let me know about their latest challenge.

Olympic gymnast Nile has teamed up with Herbalife to bring you a new workout every day for 21 days. Each day the workouts are loaded onto the Herbalife Nutrition blog  and they only last 15-20 minutes, meaning they are super easy to fit into your daily routine.

Nile’s sessions aren’t just cardio, something you so often see on these challenges, but also mental agility, flexibility and rest days with motivational chat dotted throughout. It is refreshing to open up the daily challenge and not know what to expect!

Whilst we are 2 weeks into the challenge there is still a week left to get involved and the past sessions are still available on the blog. They have really helped to give me the kick up the bum I need and, whilst I can’t do all the moves, I have gone at my own pace and managed to keep up whilst building up a sweat at the same time.

Massive thanks to Herbalife Nutrition and Nile for motivating me back to the gym with simple challenges that don’t make me feel completely useless when it comes to getting back into the gym. That and the CR7 Drive powder which, really gives me a helpful boost when I am starting to flag after a few too many sets.  I am tempted to do the challenge again once it is over! Will you be joining me?

Contains PR Samples. Images of Nile Wilson owned by Immediate PR and used with consent.

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