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Staying Hydrated With Elete Holistic

I am really poor at staying hydrated. The only time I really drink water is at the gym so I have been trying really hard to keep a glass on my desk at work and filling it regularly in an attempt to get more fluid into me. Water has hundreds of health benefits but when it comes to exercise, sometimes it can be hard to get enough into your system to hydrate you effectively for a heavy workout.


You will probably have heard of electrolytes before – many sports drinks contain it but they also contain artificial sweeteners, sometimes sugar and also calories.  Elite Hydrate have come up with the answer. Similar to cordial but in much lower quantities you add this supplement to your water for your electrolyte needs. Made with the solar evaporation of the mineral rich water from the Great Salt Lake in Utah you will find no calories, additives, sugar or flavourings. Absolutely nothing added. What they do claim is that Elete Hydrate includes all four of the key electrolytes – potassium, magnesium, chloride and sodium. Together these magic ingredients are almost cymbalta au invisible but claim to prevent muscle cramps, maintain hydration, sustain energy and endurance and enhance mental focus.


Adding just 1ml per 100ml water was worth a go so I took my mini bottle of Elete Hydrate to the gym. When added to plain water I could tell there was something different. I whizzed it up in my friend’s Promixx and once it had been given a couple of seconds in the mini hurricane there was a slight bubble on the surface of the water and what looked a little bit like residue.


The taste is subtle and to be honest it makes the water taste like it has been filtered. Not a flavour as such, but tap water is smoother and tastes clean. It certainly encouraged me to drink more and I did feel hydrated more quickly. I am looking forward to trying this over a longer period of time to see if it does have an effect on my concentration, when you work a desk job this can be particularly difficult!

Have you tried electrolytes? What dd you think?

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