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Review: SleepPhones Wireless Headband Headphones

Travelling to Lille by coach could have been a really boring experience. As much as I love Charlie there is only so much conversation to be had and the wifi wasn’t the most steady. Another outlet I used to occupy my time was music. But having earphones in for long periods of time is fairly uncomfortable and when I drifted off on a power nap, I had vision of my ears being bashed to hell from my running headphones. SleepPhones came to the rescue.

sleep phones 2

SleepPhones are earphones in a soft headband that allow you to listen to music in comfort especially if you like to listen to music to help you sleep. I chose the wireless option which was perfect for this as they connect to the Bluetooth on my phone meaning there are no wires. The grey box above is the Bluetooth connection whilst the two white pads are the earphones themselves. They aren’t secure in the headband which means you can move them around to suit where your ears sit.

The earphone pads have pretty good sound and I was able to drown out the background noise of the coach cheap cialis buy passengers and road really easily. The headband is lovely and warm, I was actually tempted to try it out whilst on a run to keep my ears warm and have the wireless connection to my phone!

The grey pack is rechargeable and lasts ages. I used it on both legs of our journey and didn’t need to recharge at any point.

sleep phones 1

My slight niggle with the headband is the branding. It’s really obvious and, whilst this isn’t an issue for their main purpose of sleeping, I would feel a bit silly running in them. That said I did realise I could turn them the other way around and this issue was remedied straight away.

The sound is surprisingly good especially once you get the ear pads directly over your ears. I’ve used earphones of a similar price before that had no where near as good sound quality as the SleepPhones.

At £69.99 they aren’t cheap but if you struggle to sleep without music or need an aid to reduce the noise of a busy road or snorer, it is worth it. Trust me regarding the latter!

Item sent for review purposes.


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  • Reply Chrissie March 4, 2015 at 12:16 pm

    I’m really impressed with these. I find most earphones to be uncomfortable because they either fall out of my ears or the plastic head band one’s are too tight over my head. I think these are well priced as they solve a really annoying problem :o)

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