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Review: The Primal Pantry Paleo Bars

Eating paleo is all well and good until it comes to snacks. Having a sweet tooth on this eating plan is a nightmare and I’ve often struggled finding something to satisfy my cravings. When in America I tried Primal Kitchen’s paleo bars by mistake. I am a sucker for anything new and a pretty packet so bought one with my haul of quest bars to try. Then guess what, they hit the UK!

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The Primal Pantry is the new name for The Primal Kitchen. The company was founded by nutritionist Suzy Walker born from a passion to make the paleo/primal lifestyle more accessible. The bars are grain free and made using only 4-5 ingredients. The ingredients are natural and suitable for both vegetarians and vegans.


Similar in texture to Naked bars they are easy to chuck in a gym bag for a post workout pick me up or, if really poorly planned, I’ve been known to gobble one of these for breakfast. The texture is chunky yet remains moist and not too dry, a winner for such a healthy bar.


The packaging is clean, simple and to the point. The exact way the caveman would have wanted it. Living a paleo lifestyle isn’t easy. The idea is you eat unprocessed foods like our caveman (and woman) ancestors did. Now one could argue that these bars have gone through a process to look like this but the ingredients are 100% paleo friendly. The addition of dates gives the sweet fix that I so desperately need when cutting sugar out of my diet.

They’re not cheap at £1.49 each but they are made using the best ingredients and, for that sugar fix, I’m happy to pay. You can buy them in Superdrug or in bulk on the website. I know what I’ll be doing.

Item sent for review purposes although paid for in full when in America.

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