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Recipe – Mexican Chicken Pibil Stew With Blend Bros

Eating a high protein diet can be an expensive business. The price of meat can be extortionate for those on a strict food budget and if you don’t eat meat, that’s another ball game. When working out protein is vitally important for muscle growth and repair, so when the people behind Blend Bros asked if they could send me some products to review, I was hoping they were the answers to our prayers.


The Blend Bros have developed five different high protein powders that they recommend you turn into sauce by adding water although I have seen some great recipes from Protein Chef where they are also used as a marinade. They contain 22g of pea protein per serving making them suitable for vegans and also for those with dairy intolerances. They are low in salt and sugar whilst successfully maintaining the flavour and spice levels you would expect from a sauce. I love the large 990 gram tins as they are a great way to store your sauces to keep them fresh and they look so stylish in my kitchen! You can also get single serving size sachets which are a great way to decide which is your favourite.


They are slightly powdery which comes from the use of pea protein, something I’m not really a fan of for this reason, but then I’m not a vegetarian so a version with whey protein may work better. That said, I love that anyone could pick these up and give them a go. It is a great way to inject a bit more protein in your diet and I really ‘beefed’ (excuse the pun) up my chicken stew recipe below.

Ingredients – Serves 2

400g chicken breast fillets cut into cubes
3 carrots cut into batons
1 onion diced
22g Blend Bros Mexican pibil stew made up with 200ml water


It couldn’t be easier, put the chicken, carrots and onion into a slow cooker. Pour the sauce on top and cook on high for 4 hours. Done. I served mine with cauliflower rice, yum.


They 55g sachets are £1.49 and the 990g tins RRP £24.99. You can buy them online at Muscle Food or Amazon. You can currently get the tins for less than £22 (as of 25th October 2015) so it’s worth stocking up on your favourite flavour!

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