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New Brunch Menu Reviewed At Pot Kettle Black, Manchester

You will have heard me say this a thousand times but it really is about time that I was more consistent with my diet. I have spells of following a clean eating plan and hammering the gym, then I have spells where I eat pizza, drink far too much and spend the weekend on the sofa whinging about my size. This blog was always supposed to be about balance and moderation, and that won’t change, but I am going to try harder to hunt out the healthier options in a restaurant so you can see what they offer if you don’t want to fall off the wagon completely. An invite to Pot Kettle Black couldn’t have come at a better time so I popped in for brunch ready to smash my healthier eating lifestyle.

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Pot Kettle Black is a coffee shop in Barton Arcade accessible from either St Anns Square or Deansgate. As the name suggests it is a coffee shop although they now offer a brunch menu with daily specials as well as cakes and pastries. The space is rustic with wooden chairs and pretty lighting, perfect for freelancers and when we visited it was bustling with laptop users and people on their phones.

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We settled down with coffee whilst we perused the menu and my cappuccino was the perfect balance of caffeine and hot milk. I like the addition of a glass of water served with all coffees at PKB. My friend chose a flat white which he also enjoyed and said it was the perfect strength. He has struggled to find somewhere that does a flat white stronger than a latte!

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There is so much choice on the brunch menu, which is available until 3pm, and I really fancied the French toast with its hazelnut butter and spiced maple syrup but I refrained choosing the perfectly poached eggs wibbling atop cured pork slices and muffins before being doused in hollandaise sauce. For a fairly small dish it was surprisingly filling and the saltiness of the pork worked well with the slightly tart yet creamy hollandaise.

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As beautiful as my brunch was I was incredibly envious of my friend’s choice. He chose one of the specials which featured a generously sized portion of roasted salmon served with crunchy broccolini and salsa verde. It was the perfect purchase augmentin online clean eating dish and I will be trying to recreate this at home for definite. The salsa verde added a fresh and light herby kick to the fatty salmon whilst the broccolini which had been steamed so literally just cooked added the perfect green side to accompany the fish. It was on the pricier side at £10 but the size of the salmon fillet made it completely worth it and the flavours were perfect, you would never know it was missing a carb heavy side.

It didn’t feel right to leave without trying the cakes and I guess this is my downfall but the small offerings really are bitesize making them a little less guilt free.

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I tried the tiramisu cheesecake brownie which has a light tickle of caffeine without being too heavily ‘coffee’ dominant. The brownie is chocolatey and rich with a light cheesecake top, I managed half before calling it quits. They may be small but they are filling! I also tried a karma cola which is a carbonated cola drink which is fairtrade and made with cola nut grown by the Mende and Temne people in Sierra Leone. The flavour is less sweet than commercial brands and it tastes similar to the cola bottle pick and mix sweets you can get. A much lighter fizzy drink and proceeds from sales go to the growers’ families to help them re-establish their lives following civil war and ebola making it perfectly ethical too.

My friend chose the peanut square which features a peanut laced flapjack style base topped with a thick layer of chocolate. It too was rich and chocolatey yet the peanuts added a satisfying crunch and I got the smallest nibble before he polished the lot off. A winner from him despite him whinging he felt full.

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Pot Kettle Black has made it onto my list of go to places and I can’t wait to rush back with my laptop for an afternoon of caffeine fuelled blog prep with a side of salmon to keep me company. Massive thanks to Niall for looking after us with his wealth of coffee and menu knowledge. I will be back to try and avoid that French toast very soon.

I was invited to dine as a guest of Pot Kettle Black and not asked to pay for the meal.

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