herbalife banana cream healthy meal with a banana plant and a bunch of bananas
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Herbalife Banana Cream Shake Review

I’ve wittered about Herbalife Nutrition on this blog a few times now and they are still one of my favourite protein shake providers, for those times when I need to cut back on the sheer amount of food I am eating. Being a food blogger is seriously fun and I am totally blessed by the amazing opportunities that I get, but it really can cause havoc with my weight and every so often I need a way to cut back. For me, that is replacing my breakfast with a shake and the Herbalife Nutrition ones are actually pretty good. They have released a new flavour to the UK, Banana Cream.

herbalife banana cream healthy meal with a banana plant and a bunch of bananas

To celebrate, the guys at Herbalife sent me the new flavour to try and this amazing banana plant from The Gluttonous Gardner. I have the worst track record for keeping plants alive and am seriously rubbish at remembering to water the, probably why they don’t live, but this one has spurred me on to try a bit harder. I mean, come on, bananas!

Anyway, back to the banana cream shake! It is part of the Formula 1 range and is vegan sourced, gluten free with no artificial colours or flavours. There is 18g of protein in each serving and 25 vitamins and minerals, including vitamin D to reduce fatigue. I have really been struggling with fatigue recently. The pressure of working full time, doing a Masters dissertation and running this blog has started to get the better of me and, no matter how much sleep I get, I still wake up tired. Having these shakes has started to help and I feel more alert throughout the day after having one in the morning.

The new flavour is good too and my favourite of the Formula 1 shake flavours I have tried. The banana flavour is mild so not too ‘in your face’ yet it is really creamy. It mixes well with no weird powdery taste and also works with added fruit to give it a little something extra. I actually like adding a banana to it to enhance the banana flavour and to thicken it up. In fact, with a frozen banana, it has a banana ice cream style to it that feels much more calorific than it actually is.

For a good hit of protein and an easy meal replacement, you can’t really go wrong, especially if you are banana fan like me. Here’s to easy food that is kind on the calories and quick to whip up when in a hurry. What flavour would you like to see?

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