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Healthy Eating – My Healthy Kitchen Ready Meals

Eating healthy on the go can be really hard. Supermarkets are getting better at it and their ready meal selections are much nicer than they have been in the past, but they’re not perfect and there is plenty of improvements that could be made to offer a healthier alternative to the traditional microwave meal. My Healthy Kitchen (MyHK) have created something new and different that may just plug that gap.

Inspired by global flavours, My Healthy Kitchen meals all come in at under 500 calories per portion and are made with no artificial colours, flavourings or preservatives. The fresh ingredients are nutritionally balanced providing a good source of protein and at least 1 of your recommended daily intake of vegetables.

There are currently six meals to try with an innovative steam ‘shelf’ in the middle. You heat for the required amount of time, leave to stand, and then remove the black tray before mixing the sauce in the bottom with the ingredients in the top. What you are left with is a tasty, well seasoned meal that is perfect for lunchtime to keep you full augmentin price until teatime without having to head to the vending machine.  I love that I have heard of everything on their ingredients list with no nasties added.

My favourite of the three meals I tried is the Chicken Paella. It has a light heat and the sauce has lots of flavour making this a rich meal that filled me up nicely at lunchtime.

The Pea, Mint and Rocket Risotto was extremely filling and I only managed half at lunch time. The addition of pickled red cabbage adds a sweetness yet the risotto itself is creamy and smooth. It was really spicy, too much so for me, but there were lots of tasty plump prawns that I enjoyed.

My Healthy Kitchen meals are available from Amazon Fresh if you are in London, or from selected Waitrose and Ocado outlets. Meals start from £3.50 and you can also try Moroccan Prawn, Oriental Chicken and Roasted Mediterranean Vegetable Risotto. They are next on the list although my nearest stockist is a 15 mile drive, it’s worth it to stock up.

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