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Healthy Eating – Freeze Dried Fruit With Superb Smoothies

I always start any healthy eating plan with the best intentions. I fill my supermarket trolley with lots of fruit and vegetables ready to use my fruit infuser bottle and to make healthy smoothies for breakfast. The problem is,  fruit has a really short shelf life and my over planning means a lot of it ends up in the bin. You can imagine my amazement, and delight, when Superb Smoothies were brought to my attention.

Superb Smoothies freeze dry their ingredients with no added salt, sugar or preservatives. The ingredients literally list ‘banana and strawberry’, which is refreshing to see and means you know that is all you are getting, in a good way. They last for up to two years in a store cupboard so there is no need to refrigerate, or to worry about them going off within a short space of time.

I was shocked when I first opened the packets as I was expecting a powder. Freeze dried items I have tried before have been blended after freeze dying so, to open a packet with the items in their freeze dried form, was certainly interesting!

I added some frozen fruit as I like the way it thickens and cools any shake, as well as some fruit juice and water before whizzing in my Nutri Ninja. Because the ingredients are freeze dried, I also wasn’t expecting them to change the colour of my shake but look! The spinach really came through without adding that weird bitterness I get whenever I use fresh spinach and the shake needed no extra sweetness at all, which is interesting when you consider I added no sugar at all. When I have a protein shake I regularly add a touch of honey so it is more palatable.

Superb Smoothies have also launched a range of freeze dried snacks with my favourite being the apple. As you would expect the ingredients simply list ‘apple’ and they are almost like apple crisps. The freeze drying process simply removes the moisture, keeping the nutritional value and lengthening the shelf life, getting your five a day couldn’t be easier. And if you are one of those weird people who needs fruit to look a certain way, or need it at a certain ‘freshness’ to consider eating it, this could be for you. I am one of these people I would like to add!

I love the convenience of both products, my only criticism is the ordering process. They are available online only and you have to order a box of twelve smoothie packs as a minimum. Whilst this isn’t an issue and, at £25 I think they are reasonably priced, you have to choose all the same flavour. I would love a mixed box, I want to try them all! In fact, give me a bundle of snacks and smoothie mixes of all different flavours so I can give them all a good go before parting with my cash on one flavour alone.

Have you tried freeze dried products? What do you think of them?

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