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Health Review: Monkey Nutrition Primal26

Last week I reviewed some chocolate protein from Go Nutrition so this week I thought I would stick with the theme but try some from a different company. I had heard of Monkey Nutrition before but never thought to order from them. Their website is black and very simplistic which I always interpreted as a masculine thing. Not being the most confident of people this put me off a bit until they offered to send me some protein to try and see if they could change my mind.

monkey 2

See what I mean by the packaging? That said I do love the monkey design and how it features on both the protein packet and the shaker. The shaker is a large one and has a flexible spiral blade in the lid which creates a cyclone effect to mix the protein. I really like this and found it blended the powder really well. I always thought the whisk ball shakers were superior but I won’t be looking anywhere else for a shaker in future. This one is only £4.99 to buy which is an absolute bargain as the main bottle is great quality.

monkey 1

I decided to try the Primal26 protein powder in velvet chocolate. This protein is a pure whey protein isolate sweetened with stevia. For the chocolate flavour they use organic cocoa to keep the flavours as natural as possible.

There are lots of benefits listed but I find these ones to be most relevant to me. I do find if I take too much protein I can trigger my IBS symptoms and I can honestly say that hasn’t happened when taking this protein. I also love that is contains 26g protein per serving, no fat, no sugar and just 1g carbohydrates so perfect for those following a ketogenic diet plan.

So what does it taste like? Well it mixes a lot easier than the Go Nutrition paleo protein. I take mine with water straight into the cyclone shaker and it mixed smooth with little fuss. I really like the flavour as well. Because of the natural sweetener it isn’t overly sweet and the chocolate is quite subtle meaning it isn’t too sickly. That is the last thing I want after a heavy workout session.

When it comes to the benefits I’m not sure I have been taking it long enough to really say whether it meets its promises but I do feel better from taking it and find my muscles recover more quickly with less DOMS the next day. Less pain is always a bonus for me. You can also buy it in vanilla and strawberry flavours, I think I’ll be trying that one next time.

Product sent for review purposes.

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