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Health – Dr Zaks High Protein Bagels Review

As you will have already heard me whinging about this week, I am really struggling to get back into eating healthily. I don’t do too badly when I have prepped but I am so busy, the prep tends to go out of the window and then I end up with unhealthy meals and chocolate for snacks. Quick and easy are mandatory on my health agenda especially for breakfast times when I will always choose an extra hour in bed over preparing a healthy meal. Thanks to Dr Zaks I have been able to still have my extra hour in bed yet still pop something healthy in my bag to eat at my desk for breakfast.


Dr Zaks high protein bagels are available in either multigrain and seed or cinnamon and raisin. With a whopping 24g of protein per bagel and 40% less carbs than a regular bagel, they are nutritionally balanced to help kick start your day the right way. There are four bagels in a pack which have a shelf life of 60 days. Obviously once the packet is open they don’t last as long but the pack is airtight and split in half so you can eat two and the other two are still fresh for another day. This may sound silly but when you live alone, eating four bagels before they go off can be tricky! They can also be frozen, double winner.


I tried the cinnamon and raisin variety which are perfect for me and my sweet tooth. They aren’t overly sweet and there is no weird artificial taste that I find you can often get with cinnamon flavoured products. They are slightly chewy as with most bagels although I do struggle to eat a full one due to the protein content, they really do fill me up until lunch time and are the perfect fuel for a mid-morning workout. I enjoyed mine with a spoonful of Muscle Food’s Prutella and a sliced banana on top, it was almost like eating dessert for breakfast! Whilst they are not ‘clean’ they are certainly a better option than others (McDonalds, ahem) when I am in a rush and don’t make me feel like I have fallen off the wagon for the rest of the day. For that I am thankful.


What are your favourite healthy yet quick breakfast ideas?

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