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Health – Crobar Protein Bars Review

When it comes to eating healthily I have to say I really struggle with breakfast. I really do prefer that extra half an hour in bed to getting up and prepping something nutritious for breakfast. Yes I know it is the most important meal of the day, yes I know it will set me up for the day in the right way, I’m just lazy. So I regular blitz up a protein shake or chuck some berries in yogurt and have that, recently I’ve been trying Crobar protein bars, and they’re a little different.

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Crobar protein bars have 19% protein per bar, contain no gluten, dairy or added sugar. And they are made with cricket flour, yep you read that right, cricket flour. Now I have to admit I am more squeamish than most. I’ve been presented with a BBQ’ed scorpion before and pretty much screamed rather than bite into it. It’s just not my thing. So when I was asked to try these I was a bit worried – would they contain bits of leg? And eye?

In terms of sustainability cricket flour is a no brainer. They need 12 times less feed than cattle, produce 80 times less co2 and require much less water whilst providing 65% protein, 3 times more iron than beef and all essential amino acids. So all that sounds great but what do they buy cialis online india taste like?



The bars are considerably smaller than the Quest bars I usually eat at just 40g and they are fairly high in sugar due to the amount of date added to the bars. It’s natural sugar but still, sugar is sugar and I try really hard to balance this in my diet.

The bar itself is soft and light without the ‘clagginess’ that so often somes with a protein bar. They are far from dry which I love, and the peanut crunch is loaded with chunks of peanut and sunflower seeds, it is definitely my favourite. The cocoa and chai is also soft with dates, cashews, goji berries, chia seeds to give a good dose of fibre along with the protein from the cricket flour.

There’s not a leg or eye in sight (pun intended), in fact, you would never know these were made with insects unless you read the packet. They’re not something I would eat every day due to the high sugar content but they are a great breakfast option if you are in a rush and perfect for a quick pick me up to help you recover after a heavy gym session.

Perhaps I should think about eating insects more often.

You can buy Crobar protein bars onlineand they cost £18 for a box of 8.

Item sent for review purposes.


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