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Health – Body Me Raw Cacao Nibs Review

You’ll have heard me witter on about chocolate being good for you many times. I got the opportunity to learn all about it at Hotel Chocolat not that long ago and always throw some cacao nibs into my Nutri Ninja when blitzing up protein shakes.


Some interesting research into chocolate and whether it really is good for you has recently been conducted. It’s widely reported on that eating up to 100g of chocolate can help to reduce the chance of a heart attack, stroke or cardiovascular problems, but what about cognitive issues? A recent study tested the cacao flavonoids on individuals over a period of 8 weeks. Various improvements were seen in mental performance, problem solving was better and verbal fluency was enhanced. The study also found improvements in fat metabolism, insulin resistance and blood pressure. These cacao flavonoids aren’t high in your regular bars of chocolate I’m afraid; they contain too much sugar and dairy for you to reap these health benefits. What you need is cacao.


With all that amazing news Body Me have released their cacao nibs in a huge 500g bag to help you reap the benefits of this wonder product for longer. They use certified organic nibs which are grown without pesticides or other chemicals, and never roasted as this can reduce the nutritional properties and antioxidant levels. They also donate 20p from every sale of Body Me products to the Healthy Planet organisation to help preserve our Earth for future generations.


Body Me sell cacao nibs either in their raw form or in powder, the latter of which is great for smoothies and shakes if you don’t have a powerful blender. It is also great mixed into Greek yoghurt and served with berries for a protein packed breakfast. That said, the raw nibs themselves can be nibbled as a midday snack, easy peasy. They are fairly hard in texture and you won’t get that instant sweet hit you get from a bar of chocolate. What you will get is a strong, bitter, nutty and fairly earthy chocolate flavour which is why they taste so good mixed into other ingredients.

Body Me cacao nibs are available online priced at £13.99 for 500g and the cacao powder is available at £3.99 for 50g.

Item sent for review purposes.

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