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Fruit and Veg Box Deliveries With Creamline Dairies

When I lived in Wigan (yes that happened) I used to get a regular fruit and veg box delivered by a nearby farm. The produce came from their farm so was seasonal and I was always excited to see what delights would feature that week, it was always a surprise. Since moving back to the Stockport area I haven’t thought to look for something similar so was quite surprised when Creamline Dairies got in touch and asked if I’d like to review their new fruit and veg delivery service. Their Stockport depot is round the corner from my house so I knew it didn’t have too far to travel.


The process is simple. You visit their website, select from the list of fruit and veg exactly what you would like to be delivered, they deliver it to your door with free delivery. The goods are sourced from the fabulous New Smithfield Market and you need to spend a minimum of £10 although the amount you get for this price is excellent.

Unlike my old delivery you can’t get a ‘mystery box’ here, you pick exactly what you want and that is what is delivered. At first I thought they had missed out a bit with this but then I remembered the amount of tomatoes I had rotting at the back of my cupboard at the time as I don’t like them. This way you only get what you are going to use meaning generic augmentin xr less waste and better value for money.



My delivery was super smooth and the chap was lovely explaining that I could have future deliveries left in my back garden if I left the gate on the latch if I wanted. For someone who is rarely in it was nice to know that I could still take delivery to a safe location without missing out.


The items are piled in gently with little unnecessary packaging. I thought this would mean some items would be bruised but that was not the case and everything was super fresh.


These apples were my favourite item in the box and I loved them grated into my porridge with a drizzle of maple syrup in the morning. The little gem lettuce also provided perfect ‘scoops’ for my favourite chilli meaning I could cut down on carbs by serving in these leaves rather than with rice.

The pricing is reasonable with a punnet of raspberries priced at £2 and braeburn apples price at 32p each. The pricing is actually similar to that of the supermarkets which, for fresh produce that you know of its origin, is really quite exciting. I can’t wait to place my next order and share my recipes with you all, it’s been far too long. Thanks for the inspiration Creamline, you have just made eating healthier that bit easier.

Box sent for review purposes.


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