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Five New Ways To Get Protein Into Your Diet

Trying to get more protein into a fitness fuelled lifestyle can be tough and constantly using the same supplements can get very boring. I try and mix it up as much as possible so I don’t get bored but can still get the extra protein I need. Here are the five new products I have been loving this month.

Powdered protein can leave a dreadful taste in your mouth and, if it’s not mixed properly, is downright awful. You are also at a bit of a disadvantage if you don’t like a milk style drink as nearly all of them are like a milkshake. New kids on the block, Vieve, have released an alternative with their Protein Water. Naturally flavoured, sugar free and with 20 grams of protein it is a great low calorie option with some really interesting flavours. You can definitely tell there is protein in there with that aftertaste you get with most protein products but they aren’t overly sweet and I really like this strawberry and rhubarb flavour. A 6 pack will cost you £14.99 and you can buy them online.

I really like the USN protein bars for a quick snack on the go. They have the ones you would expect to find but the flapjack is really tasty! It has an oat base so a bit of bite and a nicer texture than your average protein bar and they don’t have that weird overly artificial sweet flavour that many tend to have. You can get them online priced £33.99 for 24 bars.

I’ve really been enjoying the SCI-MX range lately and their protein powders have some amazing flavours, like this glazed donut one! It is very sweet but I’m sure you would expect that for something claiming to taste like glazed donuts. I find this helps to curb my sugar cravings so it is great for a mid day snack. At 34 grams of protein it really is a huge protein hit so great to power a heavy gym session after work. You can buy these in single serving sizes too so you are not investing in a large tub of something you might not like.

The SCI-MX Pro To Go range is also a winner with some really interesting products you can grab and eat or drink straight away. These oat bakes are perfect for mid morning and I love how they are textured and grainy with a light yoghurt coating on the underneath. At 15 grams of protein, they aren’t the highest of the bunch but they really pack a punch and I have been craving them around mid morning before lunch. Much better than the chocolate bar I keep in my desk drawer. They also have a pre made shakes that you can just drink straight from the bottle. I have stocked my fridge in an emergency!

What are your favourite protein products to escape the gritty aftertaste?

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