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First Impressions – Shake That Weight

I have got a confession to make, I have massively piled on the lbs. Anyone that knows me in real life, will know that I lost a lot of weight in my early teens. I have always been a yoyo dieter/eater, I overeat when I am upset or angry. I pile on the lbs and then restrict my food enough to drop the weight. It is a nasty situation to get into and, no matter what anyone (me included) may think, it is a form of eating disorder that I really need to get myself out of. I need help, and I need it fast. So when Shake That Weight asked if I would give their products a try, I dropped my guard on all things ‘fad’ and thought I would give you a full review of what they are like.

Shake That Weight is a very low calorie meal replacement diet, using the old school methodology that you need to burn more calories than you consume in order to burn fat and lose weight. It is designed for rapid weight loss with a number of different products to help prevent the monotony that this style of diet can have.

Shake That Weight uses calcium casein protein, said to reduce hunger pangs and release nutrition slowly over a period of 4 hours. It has a high protein, low calorie and low lactose content thanks to the method of micro filtration that is adopted in its production.  Each of the Shake That Weight products contain around 25% of your recommended daily vitamins and minerals, to ensure your body is not missing anything it needs whilst following the plan.

The website is a good tool for this plan and asks a number of questions to recommend the right plan for you, focusing on sex and weight as well as exercise levels. There are lots of options of products, unlike other very low calorie diet plans such as soup, cereal bars and porridge.

Being a food blogger means I can’t completely cut out ‘normal’ food from my diet, but there are times when I find myself eating the wrong thing in the absence of something healthy. The work canteen isn’t the best for healthy options and, when I am working from home, I rarely plan by having healthy snacks in the fridge, meaning I quite regularly snack all day rather than eating a proper meal. That is where I will be trying Shake That Weight, in a bid to stop eating the crap and drop some of the weight.

My first impressions aren’t that great. I find the packaging a little dull, it reminds me of the original Weight Watchers products but without the addition of ‘normal’ food to spice things up. I am not sure about a plan that restricts calories to such a low amount (600-800 a day, for anyone with a BMI of 30+) with very little exercise, and I wonder how I will not feel hungry for most of the day. I do like the variety of products and I can’t see myself getting bored, the way I would with a shake diet for instance. There is a good mix of sweet and savoury too, unlike other meal replacement diets where all the options are saccharine sweet.

I guess time will tell, I will try most things in a bid to shed the weight and I am looking forward to seeing how these products taste, and how my body reacts to them. I will post a full review in a few weeks when I have given them a good spin.

Have you ever tried a very low calorie diet? How did you get on with it? Please do let me know in the comments below.

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