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Final Thoughts – Shake That Weight

You may remember a few weeks ago I introduced you to Shake That Weight. If you saw my ‘first impressions‘ post you will see that I was clear that the diet wasn’t something that I would be able to stick to 100% due to my food blogger habits.  Not surprisingly this has been the case, but I have given the products a good run for their money. I also don’t think I need to attest to the fact that you would lose weight on the Shake That Weight products if you follow them properly, eating just 800 calories a day puts the body into a massive deficit so, it’s a no brainer that you would lose lbs. So what did they taste like?

My favourite products were the savoury lunch time style ones and that is the time when I am prone to eating badly. The Simply Chicken and Veg Noodles are actually more like a noodle soup but it is the only product that isn’t smooth. It has a slight aftertaste like a high protein product and with 13.8g, that’s probably not a surprise. This kept me full until teatime without needing to hit the vending machine.

The look of the Chocolate Porridge put me off but, like the noodles, this did keep me full until my next meal. They are very sweet yet are creamy which does help to balance the sweetness a little bit.

The Marvellous Muesli bars are also very sweet and would have benefited from having a bit more crunch. This is the sort of thing I grab on the way out of the door if I haven’t had time to eat breakfast. I did this with this and the other bars in the Shake That Weight range, unfortunately they did not even touch the sides, so to speak. I was starving within an hour or so which led to me eating badly.

I was really disappointed with the soups. They should be the perfect type of product to take to work for a quick lunch, in fact, when I did Weight Watchers all those years ago, I pretty much lived off their chicken soup for lunch time meals. This one is in a powder form and does not mix particularly well. It is fairly bland and watery, not what I want to eat especially when following a diet plan.

In general, I am not a fan of meal replacement diets. I don’t think they teach you anything about your body, how you should eat long term and the best ways to lose weight. I also don’t think they encourage you to keep the weight off once you finish the meal replacement system. That being said, it’s not for me to tell you what to do with your life and your body. I wouldn’t use these again, they are however reasonably priced and easy to travel with should you want a meal replacement programme to try.

Shake That Weight is available online.

Contains PR Samples. 


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