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Winter Cocktail Menu 2018 At Ply

Winter cocktails are quite possibly my favourite thing about the season. Whilst I am partial to a mulled wine or cider, I also like to see bars being a bit more creative with their offering, so when Ply invited me to try their new cocktail menu for the festive season, it was a no brainer.

I started with the Dolce Vita as I had looked at the menu earlier on in the day and it was screaming to me from the page. Pannetone infused rum, spiced syrup, orange and egg combine with a dusting of nutmeg to create a sweet drink with a real warmth from the spiced syrup. It reminded me of a cross between egg nog and egg custard, which I am totally on board with.

I’m not usually a short cocktail fan but the Roasted Peach Old Fashioned had me intrigued. I lived for peach margaritas in New York so I was keen to see what Ply could do with the flavour. Roasted peach infused bourbon, honey and sage creates a savoury drink with a touch of smoke yet a sweet finish that I will definitely be going back for. I don’t even like old fashioned’s normally but this one has totally won me over.

Lastly I tried the Blackberry Messenger, which is more my usual type of cocktail. Rum, prosecco, blackberry, orgeat, honey and ginger. It is a long drink with a dryness from the fizz but a real winter fruit flavour from the berries that have been muddled at the bottom of the glass. It would benefit from being stirred through as, I am so clumsy that half of the ice ended up on the table rather than in the glass.

The old favourites are still on the menu, with the new drinks highlighted with an asterisk. The pizza is just as good as it always was and the vibe is chilled, making it perfect for after work drinks before heading home to enjoy Christmas with the family. I’ll see you at the bar.

I was invited to try the cocktails at Ply as a guest and was not asked to pay. 


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