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The Rum Runner’s Revenge Cocktail Cruise With The Liquorists

When it comes to booze, rum is my one true love. I will always head to the rum section of a cocktail menu first and there is only one set of guys in Manchester that know how to treat me to rum, the Liquorists! I once went on a New Year’s Eve bash they threw and they plied me with so much Appleton Estate VX that I can’t actually remember getting home. Fast forward a few years and they are now running cocktail cruises on the high seas, also known as Salford Quays. I hopped on board the Rum Runner’s Revenge to get my rum fix.

The Liquorists don’t do things by halves and cruise includes SEVEN cocktails, food and a spot of history. Each drink is explained as it is served with the history of rum and how it has come through turbulent times on the dark seas, to present day.

The cruise meanders from Castlefield Bowl up into Media City before turning around and coming back. That isn’t very long to try seven drinks so they come pretty quick! Starting with the lightest and getting heavier as the cruise comes to an end, the Mai Tai with Appletons and the Rum Punch were two of my favourites. I’ve told you before that a Mai Tai is one of my favourites so that should come as no surprise!

When it comes to food, the only food that should be on the menu is Caribbean and Jerk Shack provided an absolute feast with jerk chicken, rice and peas, slaw and mutton curry. It was spicy, fragrant and flavourful, so much so that I will be heading over to Jerk Shack as soon as I get chance!

More cocktails follow the food with a tradition daiquiri, a dark and stormy and more… the music is light in the background which gives you plenty of time to chat with your mates or take in the sights of the Quays.

You will arrive back in the centre of Manchester with a warm rum fuzz around you and a full tum. You can book on the 2019 cruises now via this link, or if rum isn’t your tipple of choice, there is also a wine and cheese cruise or the Gincident that may tickle your tastebuds. I’ll just book on them all, see you on the barge!

I was invited on the cruise as a guest and was not asked to pay. 

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  • Reply Stuart Forster October 25, 2018 at 3:17 pm

    These cocktails look very good. After a night of drinking weissbier in Austria I had a touch of Adolf’s revenge, but that’s a different story entirely!

  • Reply Rebecca Jones November 2, 2018 at 5:15 pm

    I need to go on this cruise – I love rum – particularly like the look of the mai tai 🙂 I love a boat trip too, though I’ve never been one on Manchester so I need to rectify that soon.

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