Mai Tai in a Tiki cup at Marigot Bay bar and cafe in Altrincham
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The Caribbean Comes To Altrincham With The Marigot Bay Bar And Cafe

The weather really has taken a turn for the worse and, oh my God, I am mourning summer so much more than you could possibly know. It has even got to the point where I am already planning my Christmas trip away so I don’t have to think about winter just yet. Another way I am managing to avoid the looming winter is surrounding myself with summery food and drink, and there is a new spot in Altrincham where the whole vibe is summer. Meet the Marigot Bay Bar and Cafe.

Mai Tai in a Tiki cup at Marigot Bay bar and cafe in Altrincham

The Marigot Bay Bar and Cafe is the brainchild of drinks consultant Dave Marsland who has filled the place with his experiences of visiting the Caribbean as well as the most impressive collection of rum I have ever seen, and I have been to the Caribbean. The bar is themed around the beautiful Marigot Bay in St Lucia with a focus on rum, but there is also coffee, caribbean snacks and Jamaican radio playing softly in the background. The vibe is chilled, no loud music, no children allowed, and I swear you could literally sit there all day just taking it in and relaxing.

The first cocktail I had to try was a Mai Tai. The true test of a good bar for me is a Mai Tai. So many people get them wrong but this one was spot on. This version mixes both Chairmans Reserve Original and Chairmans Reserve Spiced with orgeat, lime and triple sec. I mean the tiki mug is just the cherry on the cake and I had finished this in minutes. Fruity yes, but you can really taste the rums in the forefront with this one, just as it should be.

Painkiller in a traditional painkiller rum mug at Marigot Bay bar and cafe in Altrincham

Another classic that I couldn’t miss is the Painkiller. Pussers Gunpowder rum, pineapple, orange and coconut in an old school navy style mug. The classics should be kept simple but special, and this was just that.

Margarita at Marigot bar and cafe

Last but definitely not least was my favourite tipple, a Margarita. Granted it’s not a rum drink but a good margarita is a sign of a good bar and this one did not disappoint. Just sweet enough with a sour twist that always makes me return to it when I am in the mood for a good cocktail.

You’ll find the Marigot Bay Bar and Cafe on Kings Court in Altrincham, Enjoy the summer all year round.



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