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Tequila Tasting With Jose Cuervo At Arcane, Manchester

I love a spirit tasting. I miss the Revolucion De Cuba Rum Club, where they used to host a new rum each month and the rep would run a tasting to teach people about the spirit. It is a good way to learn more about a spirit and try it neat, to really understand what it is all about. Luckily, Arcane have started to host tastings and I was lucky enough to win a ticket to their evening with Jose Cuervo.

Arcane is one of my favourite cocktail bars in the city at the moment. Down a back street behind King Street, the bar has a vintage feel and a cocktail menu to seriously impress (more about that soon). During the week it is a quiet and quirky spot for a good catch up with friends and there is no better way to do that than with tequila.

Tickets were £10 which included 2 cocktails, a taste of 4 different tequilas from the Jose Cuervo range, and a taste of mezkal. It also included 2 gifts at the end of the night and nibbles throughout. In short, it was an absolute bargain.

The Jose Cuervo brand rep talked us through the history of tequila and the history of Jose Cuervo, before explaining the tequila making process and the different drinks available in the range. We were encouraged to try tequila with worm salt, that is what is on the plate with the orange, as it brings out the sweetness and smoothness of the spirit. Damn, he was right. It is not something I ever expected myself to be doing but it was really quite good.

As a tequila fan, I enjoyed all the drinks on the night but was really pleased to try the Cristallino. It is perfectly clear, thanks to being run through charcoal, which also makes it seriously smooth and slightly sweet. A perfect sipping drink.

The good thing about these tastings are that they are for a small group of people, which enables you to ask questions about the brand of someone who seriously knows what they are talking about. It is also a great way to meet people and chat about a mutual interest, on this occasion tequila.

We left with a warm tequila infused fuzz and a miniature to try at home as well as a Jose Cuervo pin, which has pride of place on my work lanyard.

Arcane have hosted a number of tastings since so it’s well worth liking their Facebook page and keeping your eyes out for the next one. It is a really unique opportunity and, for a tenner, I’m not sure you can afford to miss out.

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