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Selezione Wine Tasting At Veeno, Manchester

Veeno has come on leaps and bounds since my last visit. Started by two university friends in my fair city of Manchester, they now have 16 wine bars across the UK and are as welcoming as ever. I popped in with my friend Stacey earlier in the week to try their Selezione Wine Tasting Experience.

Veeno only sell wines that are produced in their home region of Sicily, Italy. Paired with spuntini, Italy’s answer to a tapas, delivers a unique wine bar experience that you won’t get anywhere else in the UK. The passion the owners have for their wines is evident in the training that is given to their staff who are friendly, chatty and ever so cheeky. This just adds to the experience and makes the little wine bar the perfect choice for a quiet night out with your friends.

The wine tasting experiences here are so unique. There is no rush, you drink and eat at your leisure, the staff pop back with your next wine when you’re ready. I love that you are not trying to keep up with a large group of people yet the option of wine tasting is still open to you in a pair or small group.

Anyway, onto the wines and the food.

The platter is served with the first glass and each spuntini has been chosen to bring out the best in its paired wine. The Sicani Grillo Timpune is the driest white available at Veeno yet it is beautifully clean on the palate. There are soft notes of oak despite it being aged in stainless steels tanks but the freshness is evident and it is a very drinkable wine. Paired with the buffalo mozzarella, the creamy cheese brings out the oak flavours more and leaves a light taste in the throat rather than a dry sensation.

The Corte Ferro was my favourite wine of the night. Much lighter than the first white, it is heavily floral on the nose with elderflower being prominent. The taste is a medium bodied fruitier with with a light bitterness from green herbs. Paired with the pecorino cheese, the bitter notes are heightened and the elderflower notes start to come through in the mouth.

The Tasari Syrah Rose is an absolute belter and one that the none rose drinkers really should give a go. The colour is bright, the nose is summer fruits and these explode on the palate with a good hit of pomegranate. The smoked ham this is served with brings the flavours to life and the pomegranate comes through nicely.

Not being a red drinker in general, I was a little weary of the next two wines. Amazingly I preferred the fuller bodied of the two! The first is the Sicani Perricone, which has hints of liquorice on the nose with a rounded yet light spice to the finish. When served with the bresaola, the fruity notes are brought out and I couldn’t stop nibbling!

The last red was a huge winner for me. The Selezioni Nero D’Avola has a hit of prunes on the nose and a delicate hint of spice. The rounded flavours are rich and silky with rich red fruits. A beautiful wine that really pops when eaten with the gorgonzola. Wow, it totally comes alive! There is an additional light spice and the fruits are heightened so well. Considering I’m not a fan of a red wine, I would gladly order this and sit in a corner of Veeno watching the world go by.

Finally we were treated to the creamiest tiramisu I have ever eaten. It is served with the Tagos dessert wine, a veritable bouquet of flowers and fruit with a rich yet delicate flavour of honey on the palate. The tiramisu brings out a sweetness in the wine and balances out the high alcohol content for a smoother taste.

There are a range of wine tasting experiences available at Veeno and I am already planning on a different one with my friends around Christmas time. The Selezione Wine Tasting costs £26.90 per person.

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