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Rum Club at Revolucion De Cuba with Appleton Estate

For various reasons it is a while since I have been to Rum Club at Revolucion De Cuba. Other things have taken priority but not last week! I was especially happy that the highlight for the month is Appleton Estate who make my favourite rum ever, VX.

appleton 1

We kicked things off with a Mai Tai made with Appleton Estate VX and a taster of the rum on its own. I really love this stuff as anyone I have talked rum to will know. It is a blend of different aged rums up to 10 years and is made in old Jack Daniels barrels. Whilst the barrels are thoroughly cleaned there is a slight smokiness left behind which lightly flavours this rum. It is also sweet with heavy vanilla on the palate whilst caramel and toffee come through on the nose. I got very drunk one New Year’s Eve cuddling a bottle of this stuff and still love it despite the hangover.

Onto the 8 year old which is sweeter on the nose with a creamy note that some felt was like Christmas pudding. This is spicier on the palate thanks to the extra 3% ABV and less smooth. I am still a fan though as I find rums aged to this generic for augmentin time frame have a lovely light quality.

We also tried the 12 year old which is much darker in colour with vanilla and oak on the nose. The oak carries through to the palate with much heavier smoky notes than the VX. The smoke was a bit much for me and I wouldn’t choose this rum to drink on its own.

Appleton Estate are currently undergoing a rebrand although their roots are still firmly in Jamaica specifically the Nassau Valley. Since 1749 the Nassau Valley has provided the perfect climate, water and cane to combine creating these unique rums and some of the most distinctive flavours on the market.

Appleton 2

A rum club is never complete without some sort of silliness. We’ve worn ponchos, cowboy hats, you name it. This time our entertainment came in the way of Jamaican flag cocktail sticks which were promptly placed in my hair. This came from the Jamaican Me Crazy cocktail special but you can also get an Appleton Collins, Old Jamaican or a Montego Mai Tai for the rest of the month. I recommend you try them all…

This event was available for all to attend and I paid for my Jamaican Me Crazy cocktail. Others and the rum samples were complimentary.

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