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Restaurant Review: Rosso Revisited

You may remember Charlie and I visiting Rosso back in July. We had a fabulous time and were full of praise for the giant of King Street. I know not everyone is a fan of the restaurant and have heard some stories of average food and bad service over the past few months. So when we were invited back I was both excited and apprehensive at the same time. Would we receive the same excellent food and service or would we leave disappointed?

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As with most of our meals out we started with a few cocktails. I went for the Sgroppino and failed at pronouncing the name miserably. It was a refreshing blend of vodka, lemon sorbet, mint and prosecco that didn’t last long. Charlie had a Que Bela which was more akin to the weather with bourbon, ginger and mint.

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We spent ages perusing the menu, so long that we were brought the usual bread, olive and dips as well as a huge garlic bread. It was welcomed and the bread had a lovely thin, crispy base. Having some food in our tummies helped us to choose from the vast menu and we opted for fish starters and meaty mains.

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Charlie chose the gamberoni grigliata which was huge king prawns cooked over charcoal and served in their shell with a roast sesame salad. I liked that she was asked if she would rather they were shelled. I had been thinking of ordering them but I am quite a lazy eater and can’t be bothered with messing around with food if I can get away with it. They were really juicy and fat with a slight chilli kick. I’d have been jealous had my starter not looked so gorgeous. The capesante saw the plumpest scallops I have ever eaten with a cauliflower puree and cauliflower fritters. The scallops had been charred on the outside but were beautifully soft on the inside and I liked the contrast it gave the flavour. The cauliflower fritters had a lovely crispy shell and the puree was good too, I’d have liked more of it.

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Charlie had costoletta di vitello with fat chips. The veal was cooked perfectly and slightly pink in the middle making it melt in the mouth tender. I was excited to see Rosso have invested in hot stones. My very first food post was about a little restaurant in Woolacombe using hot stones to serve their meat and fish. The stones are heated to a searing heat with the meat served cooking atop. I thought I’d see if a top end restaurant could do it any better and the lamb cutlets I ordered were beautifully trimmed with not a bit of gristle. The sauces were lovely and the middle one tasted like a sweet gin jelly, I polished it off very quickly! I would have liked a side plate as the meat cooked quickly on the stone so was cooked all the way through rather than pink like I would have ordered. That said, the quality of the meat was evident as they were still juicy and tender.

Amazingly we still had room for dessert and we were surprised to see a menu full of summery style puddings. We had come to try the new winter menu that had only been available for a few days so I can only assume that the dessert menu wasn’t quite ready yet.

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I had the zuppa e genoise as I am a sucker for a trifle and this one was layered with fig and burnt orange liqueur laced pastry cream. The combination was perfect and I ate it so quickly one one else would have got a look in. Charlie had the crostata e frangipan that had a dollop of rich clotted cream on top. The tart case was thin and crisp with a lovely rich frangipane and plum centre. This was more winter although the strawberry decoration wasn’t needed.

It was lovely to meet the manager who wasn’t supposed to be working on the evening but popped over to say hi. He encouraged us to try an after dinner tipple and recommended the Amaro Averna to me. He described it as a boozier Baileys and he wasn’t wrong. This was a lighter less creamy drink and I am definitely investing in some for Christmas, it was gorgeous!

As always the service was impeccable, nothing is too much trouble here and the food was good as always. I’ll be popping back in the hope that the dessert menu will be ‘wintered’ up, well that’s my excuse and I’m sticking to it.

We didn’t pay for our meal but this review is my honest opinion on the food and service we encountered.

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