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Restaurant Review: Dogs N Dough, Manchester

Manchester used to be all about the burger and, in some respects it still is. We have Almost Famous, Byron Burgers and Solita to name but a few with more popping up on a monthly basis. But what is there if you want the opposite? Ladies and Gentleman I present you the humble hot dog…

dogsndough 1

But what’s so exciting about a hot dog I hear you cry? I popped to Dogs N Dough for their new menu launch to find out…

dogsndough 7

Dogs n Dough isn’t the easiest place to find. It is down some stairs on Bow Lane off Cross Street but if you look for the gloriously green neon sign just off Albert Square you should be fine.

dogsndough 2 dogsndough 3

We chose some nachos to nibble on whilst we perused the menu and, wow, they were the best I’ve tried in a long time. The guacamole was chunky, garlicky with an obvious spritz of lime and the salsa had a lovely kick. They lasted minutes, if that. I’d be lying if I said the thought hadn’t crossed my mind to order another bowl of them.

dogsndough 4

This, dear reader, is the monte cristo. Behold it’s salty, creamy and sweet beauty. Juicy hotdog topped with swiss cheese, peanut butter and jam. It sounds like it should be absolutely vile but it is a thing of beauty, I swear. I spent most of the time eating it feeling ever so confused by the combination of flavours but it really does work, trust me.

dogsndough 5

As the name implies this is a hot dog and pizza place so we shared a pizza, just to get a rounded cymbalta online pharmacy view of the place you understand. The Triple Threat is topped with bacon burgers and chips. I was worried the chips may end up mushy like in a burrito I had recently. It wasn’t the case and there was a wonderful saltiness that seasoned them well. It may be too much for some but, what can I say, I love a well seasoned pizza. The pizza menu is incredible. I can’t wait to go back and try the William Tell which is topped with apple, bacon and gorgonzola!

dogsndough 6

I was always a huge fan of the sweet pizza here. Charlie kindly brought me one over Christmas and I gobbled it heartily one breakfast time. The menu has a slight re-jig and you can now design your own sweet pizza. I was literally a child in a sweet shop! I excitedly picked marshmallows, peanut M&Ms, Elizabeth Shaw chocolates atop my nutella base with a drizzle of butterscotch sauce. Admittedly it was incredibly sweet, probably too sweet in hindsight, but it hit the spot like nothing else. I took the leftovers to work the next day and they were gone before I could tell them what it was!

Dogs n Dough have lots of stuff planned in the coming weeks including different special offers each night, my personal favourite being the Top Dog offer of 2 hot dogs and a bottle of Prosecco for £25. You know I love a glass of fizz, who’s going to take me?

We were invited to dine as guests of the restaurant. This review is an honest opinion of my experience.

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