Poshmakers Launch at 47 King Street West

If you enjoy cocktails in Manchester city centre you would know that you can’t stay out too late. Not because they aren’t delicious because, let’s face it, our bartenders can shake and muddle some of the best in the country. No, unless you have a healthy bank balance there is every chance that you can only afford to quaff a few. They are an expensive commodity but there are some great deals to be had around the city and, possibly one of the best, being at 47 King Street West. They have teamed up with the Poshmakers to make some cocktails using their spirits at a bargain price. When Charlie and I were invited to the launch we could hardly say no, all for your benefit you understand.

poshmakers 1

We started with the ‘perfect g & t’ served in ‘perfect’ balloon glasses. They even had ‘perfect’ stirrers. And they tasted, well, perfect. I do like a good gin and tonic.

We moved onto the new Poshmakers cocktail menu where all the mixed drinks are priced at £6 all the time. No time limits, no ‘happy’ hours here. You can call in for one whenever you want!

poshmakers 2

The Engl-Ish martini is made with Ish gin, triple sec, lemon juice and orange marmalade. I’m not normally a fan of a martini but this had a lovely sweetness with a bitter twist from the lemon. In fact, it went down a bit too easily!

poshmakers 3

I decided to slow it down with a long drink from the menu and the ‘strawberry fields forever’ seemed perfect. AKA vodka, muddled strawberries, strawberry syrup and lime make this a fairly sweet drink but the top of ginger beer just tones it all down enough.

Charlie went for the ‘gin-let’ which combined gin with lime cordial and mineral water. Perfectly simple yet so refreshing, I’ll definitely be recreating this concoction at home in the near future.

poshmakers 4

Lastly I went for the ‘I wanna rum to you’ made with Virgin Gorda rum, lime, sugar syrup, honey and a dash of bitters. I am a huge rum fan and this is a special one; toffee notes worked well with the honey in the cocktail whilst the vanilla was magnified with the sugar syrup. A lovely cocktail and my favourite of the evening.

Charlie ended in style with a traditional ‘vesper’. Ish gin, AKA vodka and Cocchi Americano. Yep, it’s a strong one, far too strong for me but the flavours work so well together.

It was lovely to chat to the bar staff whilst there about their visions for the cocktails. It is only a small bar as this is mainly a restaurant but you are more than welcome to sit and enjoy one of these beauties. Even better, grab some food whilst you are there. I can’t wait to go back and try their a la carte dining offer… £25 for a 3 course meal with prosecco that is available at specified times 7 days a week. There aren’t many restaurants offering this type of menu every day, most opting to serve mid week when people are less likely to want to eat out. Something else that caught my eye was the Christmas menu. For £21.95 at lunch the 3 course menu offers huge variety, no need to HAVE to go for turkey here. I, for one, will be booking in.

Now who is coming with me?

We drank as guests of the restaurant. This has in no way affected my review which is an honest account of my dining experience.

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