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New Cocktail Menu At The Botanist

Closely following on the heels of my recent post about beer tasting at The Botanist is their new cocktail menu. I have been to The Botanist a few times and one of my biggest bugbears has always been that their cocktail menu isn’t as ‘to theme’ as it could be. We have some incredible cocktail bars in Manchester and the fact The Botanist used sweet syrups and pre-made fruit purees in their drinks was always a bit of a turn off for me. Well they have changed things up and boy, you are in for a treat.


The syrups have gone and in their place are fresh fruits to compliment the spirits. Some of the favourites are still on the menu like this one, the Blueberry and Passion Fruit Martini which now muddles blueberries and mint before adding gin, Licor 43 and Passoa. Sweet and fruity yet with a gentle kick buy cymbalta online no prescription thanks to the gin makes this a good one for most.


For spice lovers there is the Thai Chilli Crush. Freshly sliced chilli, amount to your taste, thai micro basil, apple, lemon and gin finished with Manzana Verde make for a fragrantly spiced drink.


A favourite amongst the group was the Basil and Plum Caipirinha. Fresh plums are sliced then muddled before adding chilli, sugar syrup, lime and Cachaca.  I chose the smallest amount of chilli possible to give the flavour without too much heat and it worked well to bring out the fresh fruitiness of the plums and the sour notes from the lime.

The Botanist is back on the menu and with the introduction of The Red Door underneath, you don’t need to travel far for a good night in Manchester.

I was invited as a guest to this event and was not asked to pay for my drinks.

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