Kosmonaut Presents Barrel Aged Cocktails

Manchester is awash with places to get a good cocktail these days. I have my favourites and am regularly asked where to go by friends and family. I often recommend the same places though and the reason for this is simple, I like something unique and different. Yes you can get stonking cocktails in many places but something a bit special? That is a little harder to find.

So when Kosmonaut announced they were introducing barrel augmentin dosage aged drinks to their menu it was quite exciting! The most exciting thing about barrel aged cocktails is the exclusivity of them. Each cocktail will be aged in a barrel for 28 days before being bottled where the ageing process will continue at a slower pace. The uniqueness of these drinks isn’t just the ageing time. Each cocktail will taste slightly different as the barrel used takes on the flavours of the drink. It’s hard not to be excited by this and the idea that each time you order your favourite, it is likely to taste slightly different.

kosmonaut aged 2

Kosmonaut are known for their simple yet classic drinks and they are sticking with these theme for the barrel aged drinks. I can’t reveal all their plans as yet but keep your eyes on their Twitter feed for a competition or two as they annouonce their new concoctions each month.

kosmonaut aged 1

The first of the drinks to become available is the Martinez. Known as the blueprint for the martini the drink mixes sweet vermouth, gin, maraschino and orange bitters. We were lucky enough to sample a regular version and one made with the barrel aged drink. Surprisingly for my palate I preferred the aged version. It has a slightly caramelised flavour with deep and rich notes and is much smoother thanks to the vanillins in the barrel.

There will only be 25 of each drink available so expect these to sell out quickly. Because of the exclusivity we only got to try a shot glass sized amount so I have no pictures of the finished article but then I’m sure you don’t need to see that when you have read this post.

Pop in Kosmonaut and give it a try, and make sure you follow their Twitter so you can have fun guessing what is coming next.


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  • Reply Chrissie February 12, 2015 at 5:50 pm

    This is such a clever idea! I’ve never thought about a cocktail being aged in a barrel before and I imagine it would bring out a deeper flavour.

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