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Kahlua Brunch Club At The Loft, Manchester

This weekend saw the launch of the latest brand to takeover the Loft on Quay Street, and I don’t think it is one you would expect!

Kahlua is predominantly known for its addition in an Espresso Martini, yet it is also present in a lot of the coffee based cocktails you will see on a cocktail menu. Unlike Baileys, it isn’t creamy and has a higher ABV, so is perfect for none creamy drinks or to add to coffee itself, if a hot alcoholic drink is your thing.

A brunch club like this is a great way to get friends together and try something new, with Anoushka in tow, that is exactly what we did.

The Loft has been transformed into a Mexican themed interactive experience with comfy spots to sit and enjoy a drink, a darts board and game tables to challenge your mates. There is a dining area, where the brunch is served, made up of long benches and tables for group dining.

I’m not a huge fan of the communal dining area unfortunately. It felt very cramped and I didn’t like the idea of not being able to nip to the loo when I wanted, I would have had to clear the whole row to get anywhere near the toilets. It also meant that we were bashing elbows and, when shaking your own cocktails, that is a bit of a challenge! That said, the cocktail making was good fun and kicked off the brunch. We were passed the container part of a cocktail shaker complete with the ingredients for our Espresso Martini. We added ice, put the strainer and lid on the base and shook, shook, shook! I demonstrated, once again, just how poor I am at making cocktails and my espresso martini had no froth whatsoever. It was, however, very tasty and the perfect accompaniment to the first course of our brunch.

Our first course was smashed avocado on an English muffin with a maple and Kahlua infused ham, as well as a poached hen’s egg.  A light hollandaise sauce is imaginatively served in the empty egg shell which, was a lovely touch. Avocado is not a favourite of mine but this was not overfacing and had a light garlicky flavour which made it much more palatable for me. The egg, poached perfectly so the yolk coated the muffin once cut into, gave a rich addition to the Kahlua spiked ham. It sounds odd on paper but the dish really worked, my only complaint is that there wasn’t more of it.

Our second drink of the day has been designed by Chris Bains from Australasia and is a stunner. Kahlua, tequila, cacao syrup and fresh orange makes up the Chokahlua Orange which has just a hint of coffee and chocolate, yet a strong hit of orange, making it more refreshing and smooth than other chocolate based drinks. The tequila was the dominant taste until paired with the next course, when the orange really came through, mellowing the alcohol dramatically.

Rainbow pancakes are topped with warm Kahlua chocolate sauce and chocolate covered coffee beans, accompanied by a selection of fruit and sweet treats to decorate at your leisure. As you can tell, food decoration is not my forte, but the strawberries were a surprisingly good choice and helped to lighten the dish somewhat. The pancakes were rather dry and a little bland, but the sauce picked things up nicely.

Overall, the Kahlua Brunch Club is great value at £20 per person. Considering the cocktails are £7 each to buy, if you decide to stay and enjoy more, you are paying just £6 more for two courses and the fun of shaking up your own drink. I think less people on the benches would make it more enjoyable but it is a fun way to spend a few hours with friends, and something a little different from the other brunch options we have in Manchester at the moment.

The Kahlua Brunch Club is on for the two May bank holidays, you can book your tickets here.

I was invited to the Kahlua Brunch Club as a guest and was not asked to pay. 


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