Christmas Spirit With The Summerton Club

Some people are impossible to buy for at Christmas. My Dad is one of those people. He tends to buy things he likes when he sees them and has more than enough of all the things you can think of that would classify as ‘normal Dad’ presents. Daniel Humphrey found this too and, instead of searching for the perfect gift, he decided to make something of his own. Let me introduce you to The Summerton Club.

The Summerton Club is a unique subscription service for people who enjoy unique and interesting aged spirits. For £50, each month, a different whisky, brandy or rum will be delivered to your door. You will also receive some information about that spirit, making it the perfect Christmas gift for the spirit lover in your life.

October’s spirit of the month was this rare whisky. The Mackmyra Gruvguld Swedish Single Malt is not available to buy in the UK making is super special for any whisky fan. The honour of being the first people in the UK to get hold of this bottle is, perhaps, worth the subscription fee alone. Can you think of a more unique gift for a whisky drinker?

Mackmyra was a dream brought to life by eight friends who met in a ski cabin in Sweden and shared bottles of their favourite whisky. They soon realised that there were no Swedish distilleries making whisky and the idea grew into, what we now know as Mackmyra.

Gruvgold means ‘gold from the mine’ and is certainly echoed in the golden colour of the drink. It has been aged in a variety of small casks, including olorosso, bourbon, sherry and Swedish oak, 50 metres below ground in the Bodas mine. It is fruity on the nose, yet smooth and delicate on the palate with notes of spice and dark chocolate. It is delicious and the perfect surprise for the right person, one who will savour and enjoy every sip.

That is what The Summerton Club is about – beautiful drinks that will be enjoyed by the right people. That person could be sat on your Christmas list.

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