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Celebrating World Gin Day 2017 With Caorunn Gin

You have heard me waffle on about how much I love Caorunn Gin a few times now. From foraging for their ingredients, to making winter nights more bearable, they are one of my favourite gins and they have sorted me right out for World Gin Day on Saturday 10th June with a survival kit. It contains everything I need to celebrate this wondrous day and I thought it might give you some tips on how you can take part too.

I won’t bore you again with the details of Caorunn Gin, other than to tell you that the flavour is crisp and clean with a lovely smooth end on the palate. Its perfect serve is with a good tonic and slices of red apple to highlight the fresh and floral aroma, as well as the slightly sweet flavour.

Franklin & Sons tonic works well to balance the drink and Pink Lady apples give that fresh sweetness to compliment without losing their shape and going mushy. Joe & Seph’s have a great selection of gourmet flavoured popcorn and this is my favourite one so far! It is infused with 5% gin and 5% tonic making it the perfect sweet treat for World Gin Day.

A candle always sets the mood as the sun starts to dip and this Caorunn Gin candle is scented with heather to bring out that element of the gin, as heather is one of the botanicals used in the gin making process. It smells heavenly and really does heighten all the senses whilst enjoying the perfect Caorunn serve.

A drinking vessel is obviously needed and I would usually pour my gin into a copa de balon glass, but I love this copper mug alternative. It will keep the ice cooler for longer and is perfect for festivals as well, so it’ll be coming with me to the Festival No.6 festival in September.

Lastly a bar blade to whip off the cap of my tonic and a stirrer to make sure my perfect serve is mixed properly, I’m all set for the perfect Saturday night in with Caorunn. How will you be celebrating?

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