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Bar Review – Corner Cocktail Club, Northern Quarter

Opening a generic bar in Manchester just doesn’t cut it anymore. The city has grown so much in the last few years that, we have so many bars to choose from, a newbie needs to offer a little bit more than just a good drink.

Corner Cocktail Club is the latest speakeasy style bar to throw open its doors to the thirsty public, but only if you book in and can find it. I’ll let you into a little secret, West Corner have converted their basement and you can find the Corner Cocktail Club down there. As you would expect, it is dark and moody with a large circular booth in the centre surrounded by smaller booth areas and an elegantly vintage decor.

It is the perfect spot to forget a particularly bad day in the office or chill out of an evening with friends. The cocktail menu menu is listed in cocktail glass order so if you know you are partial to a long augmentin generic drink, you can find them all in the same place. The drinks are different, as you would hope to see in a speakeasy, and deliver incredible twists on the classics in a stylishly alcoholic way. The Sherry version of an Old Fashioned is definitely one to add to your ‘to try’ list.

You can choose nibbles to accompany your cocktails including (very tasty) sliders and some cracking salads that make healthy eating that little bit easier. Just think how many more cocktails that means you can consume.

To visit you can book here. Corner Cocktail Club are open at weekends from 7pm. Good luck finding the entrance and remember to live on the wild side by pressing the button. After all, do you always do as you’re told?

I was invited to try Corner Cocktail Club as a guest and was not asked to pay for my drinks. 

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