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When it comes to make up I always go for high end where I can. I have tried so many budget brand dupes that are just not anywhere near on a par to the high end version. From poorly pigmented eye liners to powdery eyeshadows with excessive fallout, I have probably come across most of them in my time. A fairly new brand to the UK is NYX Cosmetics who sit within this budget brand price range and let me tell you, I am loving them at the moment. I have tried products from across their range and I have not been disappointed yet. So here are my favourite picks, and if there is anything else you love that I need to try please do share in the comments.

NYX Vinyl Liquid Liner – £5.50 

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I wrote about this eye liner in a recent post but couldn’t not include it in a NYX specific post. The teeny brush is firmer than other liquid liners I have tried which makes it so much easier to control and it hugs the lash line beautifully with little effort. The colour is glossy and as black as you could ever need. I find that other budget brand eyeliners (and some higher end ones to be honest) go slightly opaque when worn over highlight pigmented eyeshadows and no matter how many times I go over the line, I can’t get that jet black colour I want. Obviously keep going over the same line also makes things messy and I often lose my temper and have to start again. The NYX Vinyl Liner goes on perfectly first time and it is holding up to my all time favourite Kat Von D Tattoo Liner at the moment.

NYX Eye Shadow Base in Skin Tone – £5.50 

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I have tried a few eye shadow primers in my time and I don’t think I have ever found one that worked. I have hooded lids that can be quite greasy so I find other primers have always just caused my eyeshadow to crease even more than normal. The NYX Eyeshadow Base comes in different shades but I love that the Skin Tone option evens out the natural colour of my eyelid and covers the fine veins that I have started to see as my age creeps up. It is creamy in texture but sets onto the lid matte almost sucking out the grease and oiliness. It doesn’t help my eyeshadow last ALL day but it does help the colours to pop that little bit more and they are much more vibrant with this underneath. I find I have a much better coverage from my less pigmented eyeshadows, especially the lighter shades, meaning I am more likely to use them than normal.

NYX Lip Lingerie Lipstick in Bedtime Flirt – £6.50

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I have tried quite a few of the NYX Soft Matte Lip Creams so far with Stockholm being my all time favourite. I love the selection of colours that go from the nude and muted like Stockholm, to the bold and daring with jewelled purples and bright blues. I had struggled to find the Lip Lingerie Lipsticks in my local Boots but a recent trip into Manchester had all the options I could possibly need. The Lip Lingerie collection are soft nude shades that set to a plush matte finish. The applicator is slightly smaller than the gloss wands I have used in the past which helps to apply the colour evenly. The texture is similar to the Matte Lip Creams but it is a much drier formula first gliding on with a slight sheen which faded to a matte finish once dry. It lasts a good few hours through numerous brews and a breakfast break, I am totally hooked on the formula and the finish. I chose the shade Bedtime Flirt which is a red toned pinky nude and the perfect nude for my warm yet fair skin tone. It is a beautiful natural shade which enhances my natural lip colour but I will definitely be branching out and investing in more from the Lip Lingerie range.

NYX Long Lasting Setting Spray in Dewy Finish – £7 


I have never been one to really bother with setting sprays. I tend to use long wearing make up products so have never really felt the need to then set my make up but I saw this and thought I would give it a try. I use Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation most days which is quite drying on the skin so I thought the dewy finish may help to give me a bit of a glow without taking away the long wearing element I love from my foundation. Let me tell you, it does exactly that! This setting spray doesn’t need to extend the life of my long wearing foundation but it does help to keep the rest of my base in place and stops my contour from fading.

I can’t wait to add to my NYX collection, what are your top picks from the brand?

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