Think Before You Flush – Preventing The ‘Beauty-Berg’ Crisis

Working within property management I know all to well the chaos that can be caused by flushing the wrong things down your loo or sink. Did you know that United Utilities attend over 53,000 call outs relating to blocked pipes in the North West alone? This costs £20 million a year!


Most people know that pouring hot fat down the sink will solidify in the pipes causing them to block, but did you know flushing your cosmetic wipes is just as harmful to your pipes? They may claim to be flushable but let me tell you, they’re not! And they are causing many problems. United Utilities aren’t responsible for unblocking your loo which can lead to plumbing bills of around £99. Just because you didn’t put your cosmetic wipe in the bin rather cheap augmentin online than down the loo. Make sure you think before you flush!


There are three little words that will help you stop this problem and prevent costly bills. Just remember there are only three things you should be putting down your loo, they all start with the letter P:

Paper (toilet paper that is)

It really is that simple! Keep a bin by your loo so you can dispose of your cosmetic wipes, cotton buds and pads easily too, that way you won’t be tempted to flush instead.

Gabriella from VelvetGh0st has also created this handy little video with some tips on post party make up removal, give it a watch:

There’s also a great party make up look tutorial for you to try. Don’t forget the three P’s!

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  • Reply Louise January 23, 2015 at 11:51 am

    This is so true! Nathan once flushed a load of wet wipes down the loo and it caused us some major issues! Great post 😀

    Louise x

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