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The Vegan Friendly Skincare Products You Need To Take On Holiday This Year

Veganuary is in full swing and the supermarkets are jam packed with vegan goodies to tempt even the most ardent meat eater. Taking the plunge and going plant based goes beyond what you put in your mouth and finding good skincare products that are vegan friendly can be somewhat of a challenge. Here are some of my favourites that you can put in your travel bag this year.

A brand leading the way in terms of vegan friendly hemp products is Yaoh. The Bristol based company have been around for quite some time but have recently expanded their product range with some very exciting products. My absolute favourite is their SPF25 natural sun block, the first made with hemp oil in the UK. It contains non nano zinc oxide as its active ingredient, providing UVA and UVB protection for all the family. It sinks into the skin quickly and is a joy to use on the beach.

Two products in my shower whilst on my latest trip were the Yaoh coconut and lime shampoo and the summer breeze shower gel. Both are also part of their new collection and epitomise the scent of summer! I had a keratin treatment on my hair before travelling and this shampoo contains no parabens or sulfates that can strip the keratin from my hair. It is gentle yet really gives a good lather to clean and cleanse the hair of all that sand and sweat. The shower gel scent reminded me of a tequila sunrise, or perhaps that was the amount of them that I drank oozing from my body, you never know. Like the shampoo, it gave a great lather without any soap residue and cleaned away a day in smoggy Bangkok with ease.

A surprise product for me this trip was the Fox Tan. I had heard its of things about this Australian brand prior to my trip and curiosity got the better of me, I had to try it. The Rapid Elixir is a pre tan treatment that you apply to the skin like a moisturiser before UV exposure. Fox Tan say it increases the melanin in the skin to prepare for a quicker and deeper tan. The lotion is easy to apply, sinks into the skin instantly and doesn’t feel like a chore to use. The aloe vera and jojoba oil makes it smell lovely and I continued to use this throughout my trip. I’m not sure how increased my melanin levels were but I enjoyed how soft my skin was from using the Rapid Elixir and I have not peeled at all following my trip.

I paired the Rapid Elixir with the Rapid Mist, which is sprayed onto the skin following sun protection to accelerate the tanning process and compliment the Rapid Elixir to provide a deeper tan. As with the Rapid Elixir, this was simple to use and a light lotion that disappeared into the skin with ease. Tanning in Thailand is not as easy as it sounds. That sun is HOT and just sitting in it for a few minutes can feel like it is searing into your skin and burning. That said, I do feel like I got a better tan after this trip than the last and I am putting that down to the Fox Tan. I’m not as brown as I have been in the past so I will definitely be putting it to the test on my trip to Tenerife, where I will be able to sit in the sun for longer without feeling like I am burning.

What vegan products would you recommend to take on holiday?

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