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Non-Invasive Treatments At Rejuvenate Clinic, Manchester

Hello 2017 and welcome to the year I turn 35. I will officially be in my MID THIRTIES and that scares the living bejesus out of me. I have yet to turn to drastic measures and to be honest, the thought of needles going into my face scares me more than being in my mid thirties so I am always on the lookout for the next big thing to help keep the wrinkles at bay and my skin looking younger.


My latest pursuit in the search for pain free skin perfection is radiofrequency at Rejuvenate Skin Clinic in Manchester City Centre.  The salon itself is on the outskirts of the city in a clean, bright and minimalist space that put me right at ease about the treatment I was about to receive.

Having had microdermabrasion and an ultimate facial before, I am not a complete novice to new techniques within the beauty industry but radiofrequency is something I hadn’t even heard of before. It is described as a non-invasive technique that transmits radio frequency energy into the skin to encourage the growth of collagen whilst also firming and tightening existing collagen for smoother lines and plumper cheeks.


I can’t find any scientific to confirm these claims, in fact, a friend who is a PHD grad in dermatology would say the opposite and that it is a load of rubbish. For me, I don’t really follow the science, I follow how it feels and if it does anything for my skin.

The machine above looks a bit scary but the consultation is thorough and talks through what you want to achieve from the treatment before an explanation of how the treatment will feel.

I popped myself on the bed and a pad smothered in a very cold gel was placed against the small of my back to earth the radio frequency waves. As my body warmed the gel I forgot it was there so it is completely comfortable. The skin is lightly cleansed to remove any make up before hyaluronic acid is applied to the skin and the wand on the bottom augmentin xr usa left of the machine is quickly rubbed over the skin. At first it feels warm but as the treatment continues, it gets hotter up to 40 degrees. If you have fillings you may experience a metallic taste in your mouth, which I did and it felt a little strange although not unpleasant. You will also hear a beep every so often which is the beauty therapist checking the temperature so it doesn’t get too hot.

Towards the end of the treatment and around my jawline I felt a slight tingling when the wand was passed over my skin. I think this was because the wand was at its hottest and on the ‘boniest’ part of my face and it was slightly uncomfortable although not painful.

At the end of the treatment my face was red and blotchy, felt puffy to touch and was really warm. It felt sensitive for the rest of the day although plumper with fine lines reduced. The day after my treatment my skin had returned to its normal colour and the frown line I have between my eyes had gone, I was actually amazed as I hate that line and it has made me think about botox a few times! My skin felt smooth and clear for a good few weeks after the treatment and I felt like my skincare routine was working more effectively, if that’s possible? It isn’t as relaxing as a regular facial and doesn’t give that immediate ‘hydrated’ feeling I get from a standard facial but I saw it as a treatment rather than a relaxation technique.

One treatment costs £59 but it is recommended that you have a course of treatments for optimum effect. I felt my treatment lasted longer than a regular facial for a not dissimilar price so radiofrequency is definitely something I would consider again and the staff at Rejuvenate Skin Clinic are so friendly, I would definitely go back.

I was invited to review this treatment and was not asked to pay. 

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