Four Products To Revolutionise Your Shower Experience

I am one of those annoying people who spends ages in the shower. I love nothing more than standing under a hot stream of water and letting my troubles wash away. I have discovered some incredible products that enhance my shower experience tenfold recently, so I thought I would share them with you.

I am in desperate need of a new bathroom and my old shower head was on its last legs. This Orb Spa is super easy to fit, you literally screw off your old shower head and screw this one on. Orb Spa shower heads have money saving technology, they pump air through the water meaning it uses less without reducing water pressure. Using less water also means it doesn’t take as much energy to heat. I am all for smaller heating bills! There are three ways to use the shower head – as a regular shower, as a handheld massager or as a massaging shower head. The green centre holds the power to the perfect massage. With three different speeds it is perfect for stimulating the skin and improving the look of cellulite. If you turn it on whilst it is still in the shower head, it helps to exfoliate the skin to remove dead skin cells and provides a deeper cleanse. It has a brilliant pressure point and I am not sure how I have showered without it before. It is pricey. The Orb Spa Vibra Soft I have costs £128 and it is designed to soften the water in hard water areas. My skin feels so much better now after a shower, it seems to help my moisturiser really penetrate the skin too. I’m not sure how but it works, and it is worth every penny.

Another luxury product I have been loving recently is the Rossano Ferretti haircare range from Space NK. I had the honour of meeting Rossano recently and I was somewhat starstruck. The creator of ‘the method’ and with salons in the most luxurious order cialis online in canada spots across the world, Rossano is one of the most iconic hairdressers at the moment. I mean, come on, he has done Kate Middleton’s hair! To compliment his beautiful salons, he has created a beautiful haircare range. No parabens, sulfates or nasties. No gimmicks. Just sleek packaging and incredible products that work. I got the Splendido range for colour maintenance and the set is the perfect size for travel. It contains hydrolysed proteins to help prolong hair colour and prevent fading, perfect for sunny trips and perfect for my trip to Thailand! You can get a set with these travel sized bottles, as well as the Dolce Protecting and Detangling Spray & the Brilliante Protective and Shining Oil for £48. It is a great way to try them out without parting with your cash on the full sized ones. That said, it’ll make you want to!

I always use a face scrub in the shower and this Clarol Silver & Birch Exfoliating Wash (£11.95) is my current favourite. It has a very medicinal/herbal scent which somehow calms my skin despite giving it a great scrub. The pumice stone and rice bran exfoliators are gentle and don’t scratch the skin but still remove the dead skin cells leaving my skin glowing. It foams up beautifully and I have nearly used my first tube, I’ll definitely be buying another.

Finally I have been washing away the daily grime with this Comfort Zone Aromasoul Mediterranean Shower Gel (£15). The scent is intense yet unisex with basil, lemon, cypress, mandarin, anise and lavender. It lifts my mood, invigorates my senses and sets me up perfectly for the day ahead. Free from parabens, silicones, mineral oils and artificial colours, it is kind on the skin and a generous 200ml size that lasts ages. They also do a candle and room spray in this scent that are on my wishlist for Christmas. I can’t wait to add to my collection.

What would you add to amp up your shower routine?

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