Eye Of Horus Liquid Metal Eyeliners Review

I am a sucker for a new makeup trend and liquid metals in the makeup industry are certainly hot right now. Eye Of Horus have taken things beyond the liquid metal lip with four new eyeliners.


I remember having metallic eyeliners in my youth but they were only available in either metallic black or blue. Eye of Horus have created four stunning shades with Alchemy Gold, Ancient Pewter, Imperial Bronze and Copper Sphinx as part of the collection.

Using ingredient inspired by Ancient Egypt, the Eye of Horus range are paragon free and not tested on animals. The formula is infused with aloe vera leaf extract, lavender flower water and evening primrose oil to help treat and soothe the eyelid meaning as little irritation as possible.


Each liner comes in a sturdy metallic gold box with your colour of choice shaded on the lid. The Ancient Egypt influences are evident in the packaging making them unique and totally different to other brands on the market at the moment.

IMG_7859 IMG_7861

I have to say when I first twisted open my eyeliner I was surprised to see the copper coloured section was the lid and not the actual colour in the tube. You would have thought I’d have ended up covered in the product but it is really thick and stayed put on the brush. The colour is a rich copper shade with a real metallic sparkle that is evident even before application.

The brush is more of a felt tip style but with a little give meaning you can really get the product to hug the lash line without too much movement. This also helps to create a thinner more steady line and is certainly the style of eyeliner I prefer over any other. It reminds me of my absolute favourite eyeliner by Kat Von D where the applicator is concerned. A definite win for me.


The formula is thick but fairly wet and you can definitely feel it drying on the eye which helps the longevity, once it is dry it really does stay put all day. I found the formula less pigmented than others and I really had to layer the product to get the depth of colour I wanted. This meant I couldn’t keep that thin line but then this sort of colour is really made to be seen, in fact, I think it looks at its best worn with a very neutral eye. I have been wearing this eyeliner for work with no eyeshadow and just a sweep of mascara for company. The copper colour really brings out the richness of my brown eyes although I do think it would work perfectly with all eye colours.

You can buy Eye Of Horus Liquid Metal Liners from Beauty Bay  or the British Museum Shop for £16.50 each.

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