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Combatting Change In Weather With Ren Skincare

The change in seasons absolutely kills my skin, but nothing gives me more trouble than going from the cooler temperatures of England straight to a warmer climate. When I went to New York in June my skin was so dry and sensitive, the sun just totally stripped it within hours and, with an even harsher change happening when I go to Thailand in December, I have upped my skincare routine. These gems from Ren Skincare have made a huge difference already…

The Rosa Centifola range has been designed to gentle cleanse the skin and remove the day’s dirt and pollution without stripping the skin. I have been using the No.1 Purity Cleansing balm and it is seriously soothing for sensitive or flared skin. It has a soft rose scent that invigorates the senses and the gentle formula leaves my skin feeling soft and clean. The balm is fairly thick and you are encouraged to warm it in the palm before wiping over the face. When warmed, the balm transforms into a looser consistency and glides over the skin to remove every trace of make up and dirt. It is so gentle that is doesn’t irritate the skin, which is perfect for weather stressed skin as it doesn’t cause it to flare or go red. When washed away it leaves no residue, just soft and supple skin, ready for the next stage of your skincare routine.

That stage for me is the Bio Retinoid Anti Wrinkle Concentrate Oil. This product is designed for mature skin to reduce wrinkles an age spots and, whilst at 36 I wouldn’t say my skin is mature, the texture and results have been amazing for my skin. It has a lightly fruity yet floral smell which is really relaxing when applying at bedtime. It immediately makes my skin feel soft and supple, yet by morning my skin is plump and hydrated. It doesn’t cause any irritation, which is ideal for stressed skin and changes in the weather.

I only use the anti wrinkle concentrate oil at night but, the Anti-Ageing Cream, I use morning and night. One pump full is just enough to moisturise my face and neck. It is a real cream and takes a bit of massaging to soak into the skin but, once it does, it leaves it feeling plump and radiant.

I have noticed, since using this system, that the fine lines on my forehead and around my eyes have reduced. The changeable weather isn’t having an effect on my skin and my make up is gliding on seamlessly without clinging to dry patched, because they’re not there! I can’t wait to hit Bangkok and see how my skin fares now it is hydrated and ready for whatever I throw at it.

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