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Beauty – Super Smooth Hair With Keratin Revolution And Hair By Sam

I have suffered with dry and frizzy hair for the majority of my adult life. My hair is thin but there is a lot of it, and it is seriously frizzy. To be honest I can never get it smooth so find myself blast drying it and desperately trying to get some smoothness into it by the power of GHD. I had thought about having a smoothing treatment many times but the price has always put me off. Upwards of £150 for something that may not work on top of the cost I would usually fork out for my hair, I just couldn’t justify it. So when Keratin Revolution invited me to meet Sam of Hair By Sam for a keratin treatment I was booked in and in Sam’s chair within a week.

Sam is based in Sale and is the expert when it comes to Keratin Revolution and their keratin treatment service. The service is called Nano Intense and is a three step system to straighten, control, strengthen and repair the hair. Sam was keen to tell me that Keratin Revolution Nano Intense is more of a smoothing system that removes all the frizz from the hair. It contains no formaldehyde which is used in a lot of other Brazilian blow-dry systems on the market and can be harmful to the hair, and takes a lot less time to do.

keratin revolution products

The process is simple and much shorter than other keratin treatments I have heard about. Sam washed my hair then applied the Nano Intense solution before placing a very attractive plastic cap on my head and popping me under a headlamp for 30 minutes. The solution was then washed off and my hair blown straight before being straightened to smooth the hair cuticles.

In terms of upkeep all you need I would need to do is use sulphate free products and Sam set me off on the right path with Keratin Revolution’s shampoo and conditioner. I love this touch as it means you are not forking out any more money on an already quite expensive service.

The results are remarkable.

Whilst I thought the results were amazing and I was totally sold on the treatment, I knew I would have to withhold some judgement until I had tried to wash and style it myself. I don’t have the most patience with my hair and I was totally convinced that my hair would never look as smooth as Sam had managed to get it following the treatment.

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Using my blast dry and straighten method is shortened by at least 40% and the result I get after blast drying is the same as after being straightened normally. Running the straighteners through my hair is now a very quick process and literally just smooths it out adding a bit more shine, it isn’t needed really but I like the extra smoothing effect it gives.

Having experienced the Keratin Revolution system I am totally hooked and in 4 months when I am due another treatment, I will be visiting Sam, there is no doubt about it. For my length of hair the treatment costs £140 and should last around 4 months. For the time it saves me in styling and the look it gives, it is well worth the money. Make sure you give Sam a call to discuss your hair and how she can transform it in a few hours, tell her I sent you.

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