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I have to say I am not a natural when I come to hair. I’ve got thin and dry hair that gets frizzy and very flat. It used to be really curly when I was little but being introduced to a set of GHD straighteners at the tender age of 22 meant I just about learned to blast it dry and let the GHD’s do the work in term of styling. I love having it done at the hairdressers and always go for a blow wave where they leave numerous round brushes curled around my hair. They are quite uncomfortable but so worth it for the end result. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get the same effect without that uncomfortable feeling and that also adds volume? Pro Blo Curl Me claims to do just that.

pro blo 5

Pro Blo Curl Me is a hair styling system which includes six ceramic brush barrels and a detachable brush. The idea is that you can leave the brush barrels in your hair to cool creating a smoother, bouncier curl.

pro blo 3

The kit comes with six brush barrels in three different sizes and six clips to hold the barrels in place whilst they set. Now I’ve tried stuff like this before, like I said before, I am rubbish at doing anything with my hair so Pro Blo had their work cut out convincing me this was a good idea.

I may not be a vlogger but I love a good YouTube tutorial and taught myself how to apply false lashes using YouTube – I kid you not. So this video was perfect and I’d recommend watching it before you get going:

“Effortless ease and speed” she says. I was totally ready to prove that theory wrong! I did what the video says – washed and then dried my hair to 50% dry. I then sectioned my hair and attached the barrel to the brush. Using the brush I blow dried from root to tip before curling around the barrel, blasting for a few seconds with the hairdryer and securing in place with the clip. I continued this with the rest of my hair until I was all rolled and clipped up.

pro blo 4

Please ignore my evening attire and makeup-less face. I’m full of a cold and wouldn’t normally share looking like buy cheap augmentin this!

I found this fairly easy so far. I do have fine hair but quite a lot of it so the final section was the hardest to do as I kept knocking the other barrels that were on my head. It took all of 10 minutes though so no time at all which is perfect for my patience levels.

I then sat down and let them do their job. After 45 minutes I thought I’d have a look and see how they had got on. I unclipped each barrel in turn and unrolled them upwards as the video says.

pro blo 6

And here is my final result. To say I was shocked is an understatement! My hair was big, bouncy and felt light. The curl effect hasn’t worked 100% like the blow dry I have at the hair salon but for a first attempt I was very impressed with both the product and my skills with it.

pro blo 2

When I have a blow wave at the hairdressers it usually drops within an hour leaving me with beautifully big curls but less bounce. With that in mind I thought I’d see how my hair looked an hour after using Pro Blo.

pro blo 1

As you can see the curl has dropped slightly and it is a little frizzier than before but the height and bounce is still there. This is also without any finishing product and the hairdresser usually surrounds me in a cloud of hair spray before leaving.

I am seriously impressed with the results I have achieved and have seen some amazing results from other bloggers who have used this product. The links are at the bottom of this post if you are interested in having a look at results where the user knows what they are doing with their hair.

For £35 I think this is a must have product for any fan of the blow wave. I’ve asked for a new GHD hair dryer for Christmas this year and I’m really excited now to see what results I can achieve with a smoothing hair dryer as well as this system. Thank you Pro Blo for introducing me to your secret and giving me the tools to create the perfect bouncy wave. This will have paid for itself in two uses!

This product was given to me for review purposes.

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    Well concidering you’re makeup free and poorly you actually look great with your big glam waves!

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