Holland and Barratt charcoal capsules and teaspoon of coconut oil

Beauty – The Power Of Charcoal With Holland And Barratt

I don’t know about you, but I am obsessed with those charcoal face masks that pull all the gunk out of your pores. I have not been able to find another that clears the skin and unblocks the pores quite like it anywhere else. The magic ingredient is activated charcoal, and it does more than unblock your pores.

Holland & Barratt sell activated charcoal capsules which are designed to be taken with food, but can be popped open to reveal the magic ingredient within. When taken in capsule form, it can help with, err, windy situations. When released from the caplet, it can be used to make some amazing homemade beauty products.

Mixing charcoal with coconut oil makes a homemade teeth whitening product. You may have heard of oil pulling – where you swill coconut oil around the mouth for the ultimate in teeth cleaning. Adding a little charcoal powder gives the pulling technique a real boost adding teeth whitening into the mix.

If oil pulling is not your thing, you can buy Ecodenta toothpaste which has the charcoal powder mixed with a great tasting paste for ultimate teeth whitening. Activated charcoal is incredibly absorbent which picked up particles and bacteria, that are what cause discolouration to the teeth. You buy it online for £4.99.

You can make your own charcoal face mask with the charcoal powder and bentonite clay. Just mix the two ingredients together and smooth on the skin, paying particular attention to the T Zone. The charcoal draws impurities and bacteria out of the skin, the clay helps to harden them so they can be washed away with ease.

I never realised what a great multi purpose product charcoal is but I will definitely be keeping a tub of them in my cupboard to help keep me in tip top shape. How do you use charcoal?

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