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Before being asked to review the NoNo Pro I had heard an awful lot of negative press. The hair removal system that promises to leave you with smooth, stubble free skin with no pain, is quite an investment at £199 and a lot of the reviews I have read online show disappointed customers proclaiming that it simply doesn’t work. So does it?

The NoNo Pro claims to use Thermicon technology to send a gentle pulse through of heat through the hair follicle which, not only removes the hair, but also treats the follicle to help prevent it growing back in the future. The main product contains the NoNo Pro machine, a regular sized red LED tip and a buffer pad. You can also get smaller tips for smaller areas such as the upper lip and bikini line.

The machine itself is small and portable. You need to charge it before use but the small screen tells you how full the battery is as well as the different setting levels. You can get the NoNo Pro in pink, blue or chrome, with my personal choice being the metallic pink option.

In theory the NoNo Pro is very easy to use. Using long smooth strokes, at a 90 degree angle, you pull the machine against the hair growth to treat the hair. If the blue light shows you are doing it right, if the red light shows, you need to try again. As it is burning the hair you are likely to experience a burning smell as you work your way over your skin but this does go once you have finished.

So… does it work? I found the NoNo Pro only worked on my hair when it was super short. Anything longer than 1mm or so and the top just curled as if it had been singed. That means you need to be using it 4-5 times a week at first and it is a LONG process. It took 30 minutes for me to remove the majority of the hair on my legs and then you are left with stubble, hence the need for the buffer pad, which gently buffs away the stubble but does leave the skin dry. Obviously this is nothing that a bit of moisturiser can’t cure.

The main positive I have found from using the NoNo Pro is that the hair takes a lot longer to grow back, and when it does, it is a lot finer than before. In fact, I have been using the NoNo Pro, shaving to remove any stubborn hairs that still remain, and then moisturising. This has been working in reducing the hair and making it a lot thinner. At £199 it is probably an expensive way to thin hair but, that said, if you struggle with hair it might be worth a go. Just make sure you invest that time in using it properly.

You can get the NoNo Pro online.

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