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Soap is seen as such an old fashioned thing. My Gran would use nothing else to wash, and my Dad still swears by a soap cleansing bar to clean his face. I’ve never been a fan of that weird sticky, squeaky feeling it leaves behind after using and do tend to steer clear where possible. So when two different companies asked me to try their soap bars, I was a little apprehensive. So here they are, and they aren’t what you would expect.

If you have read my blog before you will know that I am a fan of AA Skincare so trying a soap was a bit of a risk! I tried their Zing Fresh Shampoo Bar that is designed for dry and damaged hair. It contains coconut oil to leave the hair smooth and shiny, with added peppermint to help rejuvenate and refresh, as well as wake you up in the shower.

I never thought a shampoo bar would get anywhere near enough lather for my liking but it really does. You literally dampen the bar, rub it between your hands to a lather, then apply as you would any other shampoo. The bar dries a lot quicker, after use, than I was expecting making it good for travel and it is a lot easier to pack than a big bottle of liquid shampoo. You can also get away with putting this in your generic cipro cabin baggage without having to declare it as a liquid. Win win. You can get yours, in a number of different scents, for just £5.94.

When I first heard of Cor Silver Soap I was totally expecting one of those metal ‘soaps’ like you use to remove bad smells from your hands when cooking. When my Cor Silver Soap arrived I was really surprised to find it is an actual soap!

This teeny soap is packed with super ingredients to give a clearer complexion and a healthy glow. Nano silver with silica, collagen and hyaluronic acid are just a few that promise to cleanse and moisturise as well as aloe and jojoba to soften and smooth. There is none of that weird sticky feeling and my skin feels so clean and soft afterwards, I’ll definitely be investing in more of this wonder product. It is pricy and this small trial size soap costs £16. It should last around a month which, I guess, isn’t that much more expensive than the other cleansers I use. It just sounds a lot for such a small soap! As with the Shampoo Bar, this is also perfect for travel and not having to remove from the cabin baggage at security. It also dries really quickly so can be packed away shortly after use, ready to move on to your next destination.

What are your favourite soaps to use?

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