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Beauty Essentials For Winter Trips

I know most people’s skin reacts differently in cold weather. The mixture of chilly winds, central heating and moisture from hiding behind scarves does weird things to mine. One day it is dry and sensitive to touch, the next day it is spotty and feels greasy. I have no idea why this happens and when I went skiing a few years ago, it amplified these conditions to the point that my face physically hurt. Combine that with the movement needed to get skis moving, and I’m an achy, sore mess! Here are some products that have been helping me this winter, especially when I got stuck in the snow in Amsterdam last month.


Glossier Balm Dot Com – £10

I am a huge fan of Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream for its soothing and calming effect on, not only my lips, but my elbows and cuticles when they need a boost. As soon as Glossier hit the UK I knew Balm Dotcom would be top of my wish list and, when they went into offer on Black Friday, I knew I had to buy it. The consistency is the same as Eight Hour Cream but it is clear in colour which I think works so much better on the skin. It nourishes and soothes chapped skin so is perfect for the icy conditions on the slopes, and it keeps my lips smooth. The tubes are only 15ml but there are six different flavours with different scents and tints, depending on your mood, so they are perfect for buying more than one. I have the original flavour which is clear and unscented but I am desperate to get my hands on the ‘birthday’ scent for a shimmery lip look. On the swatch below it is the first swipe!

Glossier Primer Moisturiser – £18

I bought the Glossier Phase 1 Set which included their cleanser, the Balm Dotcom and the Primer Moisturiser. On its own the moisturiser is £18 which I think is great value for a face cream. The Primer Moisturiser sinks into my skin instantly with no residue and leaves a perfect base to apply makeup with enough hydration to keep my skin moisturised all day. It has an anti-redness complex that really does seem to even out the skin tone and I have noticed less redness when coming into the warmth from being outside. Normally my skin has a major flush but it has certainly been less noticeable since I have been using this moisturiser. At night time I have been putting a couple of layers on to soothe my skin and it still doesn’t leave that weird chalky effect that many moisturisers do. I will definitely be repurchasing this and it is my new go to, especially for day time. It is the middle swatch on the image below.

Peachy Fox Dead Sea Mud Mask – £14.99

Nothing soothes and nourishes my skin like a decent face mask and I never in a million years thought a mud mask would be appropriate for winter. They usually make my skin tingle and leave it sensitive but the Peachy Fox mask contains jojoba oil, apricot kernel oil and grapefruit oil to nourish and hydrate. The dead sea mud helps to draw out impurities and clear pores, and this also helps it spread evenly on the skin with little fuss. I love using this in the bath as the hot water helps to steam open the pores to get them even clearer. It’s a great price at £14.99 as there are so many applications in the pot!

Pixi Beauty Glow Tonic – £18

Most bloggers have been raving about Pixi’s Glow Tonic and I am absolutely jumping on the wagon of praise. I was so nervous of using an acid on my skin and, like with the Peachy Fox mud mask, I thought this would be too harsh on my sensitive skin. It does give my skin a little tingle when I apply it but, by morning, my skin is clear, smooth and glowing. I use it at night, every other day, and that is more than enough for me at the moment. I’m guessing that may change in summer when my skin is more normal. This stuff smells amazing and I am halfway through my first bottle already.

Boswellia & Commiphora Joint Rub – £9.95

After a hard day walking or on the slopes, the muscles are likely to ache and the Boswellia & Commiphora Muscle Rub is a festive fragranced cream that really warms on the skin, it’s spicy! Boswellia & Commiphora are the scientific names for frankincense and myrrh so this has a lovely light fragrance but is also light on the skin. It adds enough moisture to work into the skin to relieve those aches and pains yet doesn’t leave that telltale scent that other muscle rubs do on the skin. The swatch above shows how silky it is, it’s the swatch on the far right.

Nutrient Wise Vitamin D3 Supplement Spray – £5.95

Last up isn’t skincare but a supplement that helps strengthen the teeth and bones, as well as maintaining a healthy immune system. The body gets vitamin D from sun exposure and the sun isn’t strong enough in Winter here in the UK to get the amount that the body needs. This spray has a gentle peppermint flavour that is really pleasant and one spray in the morning helps to up your vitamin D intake. For some reason there is no information about how much vitamin D the spray contains and I can’t really attest to whether it works or not, but I can say that I’ve not had a cold since I’ve been using it. I am usually that person with a permanent cold in winter so I am going to keep taking this in case it is the reason I’ve not been as sick this year!

Contains PR Samples. When buying through the Glossier link I receive a small credit to my account for referring you to the product although these items were paid for in full. 


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