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The older I get, the more my skin reacts to chemicals and nasties. It is a lot more sensitive than it used to be so, where possible, I do try to use products that are natural. So when I was introduced to Beauty Kitchen I was really excited to see if they would have the same effects as my favourite products that aren’t as natural.

Beauty Kitchen pride themselves on creating 100% natural products that are 100% effective. Always tested on people, not animals, they continue to source ethical ingredients that are affordable. They also have an actual beauty kitchen in Glasgow teaching women to make their own products, what an amazing idea!

I put the Inspire Me Body Polish to the test. It is freshly made in the UK with no parabens, sulphates or synthetic fragrance. Beauty Kitchen use natural smoothing oils to help rejuvenate the skin, sage and pink rock salt to exfoliate and spearmint for that refreshing scent.

As you would expect from a natural product, a lot settles to the bottom of the tub so it needs a good mix before generic cialis in usa using. On lifting the lid there is a strong smell of mint, which is great for a wake up call in the morning shower. The use of salt means it isn’t as exfoliating as unnatural products but I find the salts really help to work the oils into the skin for a lovely glow, and perfect for before a night out to make the skin glisten. I really enjoy applying this to dry skin and then soaking it off in the bath. I find it helps the salts to exfoliate that bit better and leaving the polish on that little bit longer really moisturises the skin.

At £14.99 for a 200 gram jar, it is affordable and at a similar price point to other products of this quality. Why not reuse the jar when it runs out with a recipe for your own polish?

You can buy Beauty Kitchen products online.

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