Beauty – Ahava The Brightest Stars Set Review

As I get older skincare is much more important to me. I usually stick to my old faithful routine but have recently started to try other things to keep my skin fresh and plump. I’ve become a bit of a fan of a wipe off cleanser, they are so easy at the end of a busy day to just apply and wipe away the grease and grime but, I’ve yet to find one that takes off all my make up. IMG_5833 This set from skincare brand Ahava contains three of my favourite things. So many of these sets have something in them that I won’t use but this one is great – a cleanser, a mask and a moisturiser. It is also great value at £38 and comes in a great sized zipped bag too. Something else that can be a bit rubbish and small, I like to be able to reuse these type of things and this one is good for travelling. IMG_5838 Ahava uses dead sea minerals to create, what they call, unique products to improve the skin’s well-being and youthfulness. The products are paraben and SLS free so they are kind to sensitive skin. They don’t test on animals either making them an ethical brand. IMG_5836 IMG_5843 The all in one toning cleanser that is gentle enough to work over the eyes but tough enough to remove makeup. It can be applied to the skin and then wiped away with a cotton pad with no need to rinse making it an option for those with easily irritated skin although I did find, when doing this, that it didn’t remove my waterproof mascara. The addition of witch hazel means the skin is less likely to end up inflamed and I like using this in the morning for that exact reason. I follow a more vigorous routine in the evening to remove the day’s makeup and grime, but this is great for the morning and stops my skins going bright red and blotchy. Thanks to the flower buying duloxetine online water it has a lovely floral yet fresh scent and it is a lotion consistency so easy to move around the skin. IMG_5840 IMG_5845 The purifying mud mask contains a blend of natural mud and minerals from the Dead Sea to deeply cleanse and purify the skin. The mask is thinner than other mud masks I have used and doesn’t set quite as quickly meaning there was no nasty skin tightening or harshing rubbing to remove it. This also means it is easy to move around the skin and doesn’t stick to certain patches the way other masks do. I used this in the bath applying a thin layer to my face and neck, chilling with my book for a bit and then removing. Afterwards my skin felt clean and refreshed, smoother and more even. I was told recently that I should use a face mask more often and this generous 100ml tube will keep me busy for quite some time. I am a huge fan. IMG_5834 IMG_5839 IMG_5842 The active moisture gel cream is described as an ‘advanced skin conditioner’ which comes from Dead Sea water, believed to bind to skin layers and lock in moisture. The description of ‘gel cream’ is spot on and it glides onto the skin leaving it feeling instantly hydrated. It sinks into the skin quickly and helps to reduce redness from a morning wash making it perfect for pre makeup application. For my skin this isn’t rich enough for the evening but I love it for the daytime and it really speeds up my morning routine as I don’t need to wait ages for it to sink in to my skin. I’m really quite impressed by the Ahava brand and they have some great offers on their eBay store at the moment. This set is currently £31.99 and also includes a sample of the Dead Sea Osmoter concentrate and the essential day moisturiser. I don’t plan on swapping out my gel cream just yet though.

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